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By: Samna K A

How to Restrict Product Categories in Odoo 17 Point of Sale

Functional Odoo 17 POS

Retail establishments, eateries, and other enterprises may all manage sales with the help of the strong and adaptable Odoo 17 Point of Sale (POS) system. It provides a large number of features.

Managing product categories is one of Odoo 17 POS's primary capabilities. Products are arranged in the POS interface using a unique kind of category called POS categories. They can be hierarchical, which allows you to nest categories inside of one another. This enables you to organize your products into a sensible and user-friendly framework. Products can be arranged logically into categories like "Food," "Drinks," "Clothing," etc. using this method. You can locate the things you're seeking more easily as a result.

Certain features are associated with the product categories of PoS. Create a category and then limit it.

How to Restrict Product Categories in Odoo 17 Point of Sale-cybrosys

In Odoo 17 PoS, a start category is chosen at random when a fresh PoS session is initiated. If no start category is specified, every product will be up for sale during the session. A retailer might establish a foundational category for its best-selling items. This would assist them save time and make it simple for them to find the things they're looking for.

This displays the "Desks" starting category that has been chosen. Let's now start the session and see how the initial category operates.

How to Restrict Product Categories in Odoo 17 Point of Sale-cybrosys

The goods will therefore be listed in the category that was selected as the starting category during setup when the session starts.  Additionally, as seen in the image above, you may click on the Home symbol to change the start category. Lowering the number of clicks and keystrokes needed to locate and choose products, improves PoS efficiency.

Let's now examine the Restrict categories. To do that, choose from the configuration settings a few categories you want to see in the PoS session.

How to Restrict Product Categories in Odoo 17 Point of Sale-cybrosys

The categories "Desk", “Misc”, and "Chairs" are chosen, as you can see. Other categories are therefore concealed for the duration of the PoS session. This implies that when taking orders, staff members won't be allowed to choose items from the restricted category.

Let's see how the restricted categories will function with Odoo 17 PoS when we get started with the session.

How to Restrict Product Categories in Odoo 17 Point of Sale-cybrosys

Other categories are restricted, and we chose just the three categories in the setting for the session. Restricted categories are a useful tool for inventory management since they allow you to exclude products that are out of stock from the category. Employees won't be able to sell unavailable products as a result of this.

All things considered, the Odoo 17 POS product category is a strong instrument that may assist companies in streamlining their inventory and increasing POS effectiveness.

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