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By: Hasna VP

How to Run the Recruitment Processes Using Odoo 14

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Recruitment processes in the business world are a highly competitive task in order to find out the best potential candidates from the immense number of applicants. A sequence of steps needs to be taken in the selection and hiring of employees for the vacancies within an organization. From identification of the vacancies to appointing new employees, all processes should be planned and organized. Coordination in the series of actions one company takes in the recruitment process is very essential to ensure the smooth functioning of the hiring program. Employees are the backbone of any organization and this makes the recruitment process very significant because only a talented and potential group of workers can help the organization to bring tremendous progress in its productivity.

The recruitment management system is a very essential tool in today's business world to simplify the recruitment process. This system contains a range of components and advanced tools designed to manage all activities concerned with recruitment. It offers all the necessary functionalities needed by a recruiting team of an organization in one application. Everything from identifying vacancies for a job position, publishing job offers, managing applications from appropriate applicants, and hiring qualified candidates, a proper recruitment management system will automate and systemize the whole recruitment process.

Odoo ERP software simplified the process of hiring an employee from a large number of applicants. The systematic functioning of the Odoo recruitment module supports an organization to sort and summarize all data from the received applications and finalize the most suitable candidate. Unlike the traditional recruitment procedures, Odoo facilitates the automation of functions related to recruitment easily and efficiently and integrates with the activities of HR management within a company. 

In full this blog, we will discuss in detail how Odoo simplifies and automates the series of operations in a recruitment process.

The Odoo recruitment module will help you in the organization of job applications and the creation of your own hiring strategy, interviews, and final list of qualified candidates. It reduces the stress of the HR department in publishing advertisements for various job vacancies and monitoring the selection process.

The first step in the configuration of the recruitment module is the installation of the application into your Odoo Enterprise edition. This module will be available in your Odoo by default or else you can search for the Recruitment module in the Odoo Appstore and click on the 'Install' button to install the module as shown in the picture below.


The installed app's icon can be seen in the main menu of the Odoo and you can select the module to carry out further actions. Once you open the recruitment module you can see various job positions available in your organization. The dashboard of this module will give you an outline of all the operations regarding the hiring procedures in Odoo.


From the dashboard itself, we will get an idea about the available job position and status in the company. It shows the number of vacant positions and applicants who are applied for each job position. Using the Filter and Group by options a company can easily categorize the job positions as per their need. For this purpose, a user can use default and custom filters and groups by facilities given on the dashboard of the recruitment module.

Create a New Job Opening

A company or individual can easily create a new job opening for their organization with the help of the Odoo recruitment module. 


Clicking on the 'Create' button will guide you to a pop-up window where you can add details as per the demands of your company about the vacant job position.


Mention the job position in the given field and create a new job opening. In the 'Edit' option of the newly created job application, you can add further details about the requirement for this particular job.


The details include necessary information about the job position such as the company name, website name where the job position is going to be published, department, job location, number of expected new employees, and name of the recruiter for this particular job. There are additional fields to add contract templates and other attachments. Once we add all the mentioned details to the new job vacancy opening you can save the data and it will appear on your dashboard of the Recruitment module.


Clicking on the three dots on the right-hand side of the job position will give you an option for further editing. The 'Job Description' option directs you to the website where you can view the detailed description of the job opening and an applicant can easily apply for the job. 

Apply for a Job Position

The dashboard of the Recruitment module will provide a list of all available vacancies and a user can select an appropriate job position by clicking on the particular job.


You will be directed to the website by choosing the 'Go to Website' button. You will get a view of the selected job position on the Odoo website.


If you are a perfect candidate for the sales manager position who satisfies all the requirements mentioned in the advertisement you can click on the 'Apply Now' button to register your application for the respective position.


The candidate will get a job application to be filled. There are fields to add the name of the applicant and contact details like Email ID and mobile number. A small description box is available to add a short introduction about the applicant. The applicant can also attach a detailed resume to the application form in the specified field. Click the 'Submit' button to submit your application and you will get a confirmation message about your successful submission.


You can track the details of the applicants from the dashboard where you will get the number of applicants who applied for the job.


In order to get the applicant's details, you need to click on the 'Applications' that will direct you to a page that contains different states of an application such as Initial Qualification, First Interview, Second Interview, and Contract Proposal.


To get a detailed view of the application form of a specific applicant click on the respective form.


The HR manager can directly monitor the states of an application and change the stages according to the action taken on the application. It is also easy to schedule meetings with the candidate from the same window.

The Odoo recruitment module doesn't need much manual effort to operate its functions and it makes the searching process for skillful candidates easier. If your company wants to perform a new hassle-free recruitment procedure then switch to the Odoo recruitment management system immediately.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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