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By: Vishnu P

How to Store Values in PoS Cache in Odoo 16?

Odoo 16 POS

Odoo 16 POS (Point of Sale) uses a caching approach to kep frequently used data in memory, which can greatly enhance system efficiency. The following are some major advantages of keeping values in the cache of Odoo 16 POS:

1. Faster access to data: Without needing to read the information from the database, data that has been cached can be retrieved rapidly.This results in faster access times, which can increase the POS system's overall speed and performance.

2. Din database load: Reduced database load is achieved by keeping frequently accessed data in the cache. By doing this, the POS system's scalability can be increased, and performance problems caused by accessing multiple users simultaneously can be avoided.

3. Enhanced user experience: A more responsive POS system and quicker data availability can improve user experience. Faster transaction completion can increase customer satisfaction and boost sales for the customer.

Overall, Odoo 16 POS can gain greatly in terms of performance, scalability, and user experience by keeping values in the cache. The POS system can utilize system resources more effectively by employing the cache to store data. This also helps to reduce the hardware requirements for running the system,

In Odoo 16, you may use the ‘pos’ object to store values in the POS (Point of Sale) cache. The ‘pos’ object provides some methods for managing the cache. Here are some examples of how to store values in the pos cache using the ‘pos’ object

1. To store a value in the POS cache:

this.pos.get_order().order_note = 'Value';

2. We can retrieve the stored value from POS Cache using:

var note = this.pos.get_order().order_note;

3. We can store values for customers using:

this.pos.get_client().key_name = 'Key value';

4. We can retrieve the stored value from the customer:

 var value = this.pos.get_client().Key_name;

5. To store the value in the cache with the key :

var amount = 500.00;

this.pos.pos_cache.set('total_amount', amount);

6. To retrieve the stored value using the key:

var cachedTotalAmount = this.pos.pos_cache.get('amount');

7. To store value using the ‘cache’ object:

setCacheValue(key, value) {

this.env.pos.cache.put(key, value);


The ‘setCacheValue’ method is used to call the ‘put’ method of the ‘cache’ object to set the value for the key.

8. To retrieve value using the ‘cache’ object:

getCacheValue(key) {

Return this.env.pos.cache.get(key);


The ‘getCacheValue’ method calls the ‘get’ method of the ‘cache’ object to retrieve the value using the key.

The data kept in the POS cache is temporary and will be deleted when the POS session ends. If you want to store data permanently, you should need a server-side storage solution.

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