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By: Cirin C Baby

How to use Odoo 14 Live Chat?

Functional Odoo 14

Live Chat is a common feature that is now used on many websites. The companies and industries dealing with customers are now depending on this system to improve customer relationships. Live Chat also helps a business to get leads. Conversion of lead into opportunity also is possible. The live chat facility helps a customer to have a feeling that the sales team of the business group is always committed to meet the requirements of the customer. It improves customer relationships and customer satisfaction.
Odoo 14 Live Chat is a feature that makes it possible to initiate personalized communication with the people visiting the website. Once a customer visits a web page, a dialogue box or chat box will appear on the bottom of the web page. This dialogue box will help the sales team to initiate an interaction with the customer. It is more likely that this chat facility will encourage the customer to present their queries and then help the sales team members to engage in further communication with the website visitor.
Install the app to make use of the facility.
Let us see how we can use the application. For this just click on the App and enter the dashboard. The dashboard image given below contains the already created chats and channels. The user can create a new chat here using the Create option.
The create button will help you to go to the create form.
What you have to do here is to add a name to the chat. The user can also add the operator's details or select the operators from the list.
How to Prepare automatic messages?
Automated messages are used to begin a Live Chat. This can be created in a simple step with Odoo. In the channel form, the user can find the Options Tab. This is used for this purpose. Using this feature the user can create a number of messages which will automatically appear in the chatbox. Automated communications help the business to attract customers. Customers will be encouraged to participate in the communication.
This app also enables message customization support.
Let us see what are the key features you can find here.
Text of the button or the text displayed.
Welcome Message or the auto-generated message to welcome the customer to the page.
Chat Input Placeholder or the text that encourages a customer to begin a chat.
What are Channel Rules?
Odoo enables a user to define the rule for a live chat. This can be done in the channel form. Once the process is completed we can start live chat. The channel rules for example help us to restrict chat facilities for selected countries.
Learn to chat with customers
It is a simple process to chat with customers. Once a channel is created and published on the website this process can begin. First, we have to GO TO WEBSITE OPTIONS for doing this.
Click to go to the web page.
Now you have to toggle the published settings by selecting the unpublished button. And, yes, the Live chat starts once the operator joins the channel. The user can also view the conversation of the visitors in the discussion module. There it will appear as a direct message.
What are Canned responses?
We can define canned reactions as the messages already created by the operator expecting the queries of the visitors. Answers for frequently asked questions can be prepared as canned reactions.  IT will help the operator to save time.
To add canned responses go to LIVE CHAT > Configuration > Canned Responses.
Just create any number of canned reactions.

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