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By: Cirin C Baby

Improve your employee satisfaction with Odoo

Functional Odoo 14 Human Resource

The employees of a company are its best assets and the most valuable ones. The people you employ will become the lifesaver at a business establishment. Therefore, you should be able to take care of your employees likewise you do for your customers. Providing the employees with a happy work environment and healthy work conditions can improve their job satisfaction factor in the company thus improving productivity as well as the company's profitability aspects. It can be said that the investments into the job satisfaction aspects of your employees will be more beneficial and provide you with promising returns both in the long run as well as at the instance. 

One of the key aspects in attaining employee stasis faction is providing them with advanced tools of work and its associated aspects to perform their duties with ease. In addition to this, a better work environment, healthy conditions, valued remuneration, and additional benefits along with the time of requirements can also add up to the satisfaction aspects among employees. Moreover, managing the operation will provide the user with a hectic task along with the consideration of employee satisfaction. Today business management operations in the companies are done with the help of advanced software applications such as enterprise and resource planning. This software will provide more insight and capability for the users to run the company operations at all levels of functioning. 

Enterprise and resource planning software has been running the company operations all across the world for the last decade and has provided the user with promising results. Odoo ERP is one of the new-generation business management software provided to users with efficient services for the last decade. Operating from a single platform the Odoo platform is capable of running the entire business operations of the firm in a cost-efficient and reliable manner. Moreover, there are over 5 million successful uses of the platform today making it an inevitable business management software across the globe. An Odoo implementation can bring in high productivity, operational efficiency, and reliability to functioning along with high profitability aspects to the company. 

This blog will prove insight into the aspect of tools in Odoo which will add up to the employee satisfaction level of the company.

Odoo is one of the advanced business management platforms which will provide the user with effective manageability and tools of operation to function with the company operations. The employees of your company are the ones who are functioning with the platform so before the Odoo implementation, the developers and consultants will have an assessment of the required options, functional aspects as well as the various parameters of operation with the employees. Therefore helping them to design and develop reliable software suitable for the company. This is possible due to the customization aspects of the company operations which will provide the user with the adaptability as well as the flexibility to run the company. Here are some of the tools in Odoo which will add up to the functionality of employee satisfaction in the company operations.

Approval module
The Odoo approval module will provide the employee to send out instant approval requests on the various company operations. The approval can be sent for expense management, leave requests, time off and other in-house operations relating to company functioning. The approval module also allows the managers to instantly approve the request sent by the employees. This functionality will provide ease in the permission request in a company which can be carried out in a corporate environment. In addition, the employees can send in appraisal requests to the managers which can be verified and approved upon.

The Odoo platform allows the user to generate feedback servers for both the in-house as well as outhouse operations of the company. This will provide the employees to send feedback on an operation or an aspect of the company functioning to the concerned person. The in-house feedback operations will revolve around the company and its functioning in the case of the employees.

Karma points
The Odoo platform has a rewarding functionality to its users based on the karma points achieved in the platform. The Karma points option is available in the referral module where the employees earn the points for the various referral recruitments conducted. The second aspect will be the gamification tool where the employees can compete with each other or a general aspect of batting points. Moreover, these karma points obtained can be exchanged for gifts or discounts from the company shop.

These are some of the functional aspects in Odoo which adds up to employee satisfaction and happiness in the company. Moreover, the various other tools of operation as per the user requirement can be configured while customizing the platform.

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