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By: Cirin C Baby

Tools in Odoo to Improve e-Commerce Sales

Functional Odoo 14 Website&E-commerce

E-commerce operations have become the new normalized way of shopping in this era of modernization. This development has provided the companies to choose to operate more efficiently in retail e-commerce operations rather than a physical store. Moreover, the e-commerce operations of the companies are being developed in the pandemic situation and more and more companies are now turning their business functions into e-commerce platforms rather than retail store operations. The ease of operations, minimum investment aspect, and the accessibility to the customer have rooted for the dispersed usage of these e-commerce websites.
In addition, the manageability of these e-commerce platforms come up as a burden to the company and its management, without proper planning and tools of operations in hand. Moreover, the functioning would be smoother in the initial days as time progresses with additional orders and users being indulged in the website the company might need operational management tools which they can rely on. Odoo ERP a modernized business management solution has the past tools and techniques you need to manage the business operations in the e-commerce platform. Moreover, an interconnected module of operations in a modular environment will provide the user of the platform with an efficient and reliable function in the company.
Odoo developed in the wake of the century is an open-source business management software that can be fully customized to be operational as per the terminologies of the user. Operating from a central platform Odoo is a business management software with a modular approach to business operations. Therefore, there are multiple modes of operations that have been defined to be functioning with application specific needs. The highly secure business management software with advanced tools of functioning and operations has a centralized approach to inventory management and data store operations. Thus, proving the uses with effective communication and data transfer capabilities. 
Additionally, the user can avail of the various addons from the Odoo app store which has been designed and developed for application-specific needs other than the standard module of Odoo. Moreover, these applications are designed and developed by the Odoo community which is considered as the backbone of the software and consists of Odoo developers, consultants, and partners functioning across the world. In addition, they are responsible for providing the user with regular updates of the software and releasing new versions of it. Furthermore, the Odoo partners are well capable of providing all Odoo related services and are available across the world providing constant support to the platform users.
This blog will provide an insight into the tools which are in the Odoo platform which can be expensed to improve the e-commerce sales of the company.
Cross-selling and upselling options
‘The Odoo platform likewise provides the cross-selling upselling capabilities in the normalized company operations also provides the user with them in the e-commerce operations. This will provide the user to do cross-selling functionality as well as the up-selling the subscription as well as normal product and services to the customers directly for the e-commerce website.
Promotional and coupons programs
The Odoo platform also provides provision for the user to define and create promotional and coupon programs to the dignified as well as the whole product available in the e-commerce platform likewise provided in the point of sale operations of Odoo. This program can be easily created and the operation can be managed by providing the designated codes to customers to redeem while purchasing the products from the website.
Abandoned cart follow-ups
The follow-ups email for the customer on the abandoned cart of operation in the e-commerce website can be delivered to the customer. The configuration can be done to be functioning after the designated time of abandoning.
Product comparison and wishlist option
The user of the platform can easily configure the product comparator and the wish list optional tools for the e-commerce website which would be helpful for the customer from both the front and back end of the platform.
The Odoo platform has a live chat communication tool that can be configured by the user to be used in the e-commerce operations by the customer. This will act as an efficient communication tool likewise talking to staff in the retail store.
Odoo is an efficient and cost effective business management software which you can rely on with the advanced tool of operations the platform brings into the company functioning. If you are looking for Odoo implementation services contact us at info@cybrosys.com 

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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