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By: Evin Davis

Odoo the Best Open-Source Inventory Management Software


Inventory operations of the company have to be dealt with an efficient management strategy and planning. One may say that the inventory operations have the least importance in a company function. However, the inventory function and its operations have a greater impact on the company's operations and its reputation. Let's consider you order a product and it appears later than the scheduled date. Would you be happy about the shopping experience? Would you be considering the same company for your next purchase? Would you recommend the company to anyone? The answer at the instance is NO because nobody wants to wait and the customers think that they are to be provided with the exact service they are paid for or more.

The inventory operations in the company would be run in a hectic schedule and have various crossroads of operations to be functioned simultaneously to deliver the product. In the case of a living environment, the inventor and its allocated warehouse operations would be considered a fast-moving environment rather than the manufacturing unit. Since in the inventory, the offices, as well as the employees, are responsible not only for sending away the finished goods but also for storage of the purchased goods, manufactured ones and the repairs if needed. In addition to these, the products should be kept fresh and the product movement should have exact traceability and the capability to mark the expiration date on each.

With the wake of the century, the companies have started to function in a different approach and methodology of operations. This is due to the development in digitalization and advancements in the telecommunications aspect of the world. Which is rooted for the growth of various software, applications and electronic gadgets to support people to lead a sufficient life and additionally to run the operations in an industry as well a company with much more ease. Nowadays Enterprise and resource planning software is running business management operations across the world. These advanced operating systems would boost productivity as well as the profitability aspect of the company.

Odoo is one such ERP that is leading the business management operations across the world. With more than 5 million users the Odoo platform can run the company on all levels of operations. The reliable, efficient, and cost-efficient platform performs as an open-source, management system capable of customization to suit the business needs of the users.

Benefits of Odoo Open source Business Management

Odoo is an open-source business management ERP that can run the entire business operations from a central platform. In addition, the modular approach and design of Odoo have allocated users with a designated module of operations that function for the various applications in the company operations.

a) Customization is one of the key aspects of Odoo open source is that the platform can be flexed to meet the operational needs of the user
b) Odoo community which is the backbone of the ERP will provide continuous support and resources for its users in the functioning of the company in Odoo.
c) Numerous add ons available in the Odoo app store will provide the user with various application-specific tools to run the company with their terms
d) Regular updates from the platform can be availed by each user to bring in more operational features to the business management.
e) Open Source solutions are cost-effective and the Odoo platform comes at a much lower subscription fee compared to its competitors.

Odoo Inventory Management

Odoo has an efficient inventory management system and a designated module to run the inventory operations. The operations in the Odoo inventory are interconnected with the sales, purchase, employee, e-commerce platform, point of sales and many other functional aspects of the software. Which makes it run efficiently and reliably within a company. The capabilities and functional tools of Odoo inventory are way more advanced than its competitors and would bring in adaptable functionality to their business operations.

Here are some of the advanced features of the Odoo inventory management system
1. Double-entry data keeping
2. Route s and rule of production move
3. Usability of barcode, biometric and IoT devices
4. Operational ability to run multi-step operation in product delivery
5. Traceability option on product and product movies
6. Multiple warehouse operations controllable from a central platform
7. Centralized inventory management.
8. Description of virtual location
9. Advanced product routing and management operations such as cross-docking and dropshipping.

And way more. Moreover, Odoo inventory management will provide its users with the best in class capabilities and operational standards to run the warehouse and inventory operations.

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