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By: Antony Francis

HR Management in Odoo 13

Functional Odoo 13 Human Resource

There are a handful of features in Odoo human resource management for the smooth and efficient functioning of the business and its unavoidable factor ‘Human resource’. Today most of the firms use the software to manage the functions of HR like keeping employee records, payroll management, employee relationships, recruitment and so on. This software makes sure of the efficiency in Human Resource Management.

All integrated software that can manage a business as a whole is in great demand today. We have Odoo open source ERP which is an all-inclusive software that incorporates HRM, accounts, CRM, Inventory management, sale and purchase and so on, for the integral growth of an organization. It serves as an enterprise application suite enhancing the efficiency of business solutions. We know very well that in an enterprise, HR has a vital role in assessing the proper resources, preserving them and using them to the crux in the company's favor.

Explore the features of HRM in Odoo

Easily manage employees
Using Odoo, one can quickly search and compile data across multiple departments of the company. This allows you to set boundaries over the distribution of information between HR practitioners and the general public. The HRM in Odoo thus keeps track of the areas of human relations every minute. The pop-up alert of new requests for the allocation of time off,  application of appraisal, etc. makes the internal communication clear and meaningful.

Supervising time & attendance
Information like employee details can be easily tracked, especially in the working hours with the help of Odoo. Odoo makes details sorting simple, based on project, client, tasks or any other titles. To track and evaluate timesheets, one can access statistics, and thus examine the attendance of each employee. An automatic posting of reports based on real-time data of time spent on tasks will be generated, thanks to integrated accounting in Odoo.

Manage time-off
Odoo simplifies the application of leave tasks. When an employee submits the leave application it is upon the manager to have a look at the application and decide whether to grant approval or not. Immediately after the manager approves the application, a prompt email will be received by the employee and the employee’s calendar is auto-updated.

Expense management simplified
Odoo allows employees to present details of their expenses. The manager is entrusted with the power to check the details of employee expenses and whether to approve it or not. Once approved, Odoo Accounting will update its expenses immediately.

Employee appraisal is made easy
Odoo helps sustain a company's motivational cycle by carrying out frequent evaluations of the success of your staff. This provides prompt access to human resources, thereby adding advantages for staff and organizations alike.

Skill management of employees
With Odoo, we are also able to analyze the skills and potentialities of an employee. While taking an employee to an organization it's essential that we need to assess whether he/she is having the potential or skill that the job position demands. While assessing the skills we can also give them proper training to mold their skill into a proper channel that benefits the company.

The job posting is no longer a painstaking process for Human Resource with Odoo. This makes career postings in just a few taps, and also keeps track of applications received. For Odoo, the candidate pipeline can be conveniently monitored and handled without any hassle.

We can also track some more features of Human resource management in Odoo.

Profile creation of employees
Odoo keeps a correct and precise track of the employee information. The work information includes the job position, hierarchy and so on. Also, Odoo keeps the personal data of the employees.

Employee contracts
An accurate record of the employment contract is kept by Odoo. employee contract is the contract an employee signs with the organization while entering for a job in the corresponding company.

The proper timesheet of employees' work hours is recorded in Odoo. Here a daily, weekly and monthly timesheet is managed. Therefore the manager is able to know the time spent on each task and projects by each employee.

The salary of the employees is calculated in an accurate manner in Odoo. Earlier managing the salary of each employee was a tiresome task for the HR managers, but with Odoo it has become a hassle-free process. It enables you to generate the payslips in an easy way.

Periodic and frequent evaluation of employees is done so that they may improve by themselves and it benefits the organization.

The HR process becomes smoother and easier with Odoo. Odoo 13 ERP is the most advanced software which manages the whole business in an effective and efficient way.

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