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By: Cirin C Baby

Importance of Odoo in Supply Chain Management

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Having an Enterprise Resource Planning Software in the industry itself is a big achievement for any ambitious entrepreneur in the field. For those having a wide network of the supply chain, its importance is beyond any narration. To be precise, those who are far ahead in the supply chain business are those who successfully implement it with the supply chain management ERP. People who trust Odoo ERP have plenty of options to streamline their operations in a very professional way.

As all know, it is the professional job of dealing with a lot of materials required for the industrial production or services. It includes product design, product supply, and delivery activities. It covers most of the functioning in an industrial environment. People who are familiar with the Supply chain management activities will know that it deals with functional activities like sales, CRM, marketing works, purchase activities, inventory and logistics management, raw material procurement, delivery of all finished products, etc.

Now, let us have a quick look at the factors which actually help a business when it is equipped with an ERP in the supply chain management system. As everyone knows, it is the central point of an industry where a lot of activities take place. How software can integrate everything into a single platform and streamline the work is the basic consideration here.  

Value addition to the company

The prime responsibility of having an ERP to boost the supply chain is that it adds value to the company’s items by improving the whole chain of works. It simply automates the whole process by replacing the manual job. It can easily make it possible for customization. It can assist the company to fulfil the customers’ needs and requirements.  The main thing is that it can effectively support the whole process beginning from raw material production to product distribution through a single channel.

Combination of different management systems

You may have different software programs to control multiple tasks. It may require time to handle these responsibilities separately. Having a good supply management ERP will definitely bring everything under a single console where the operational activities will be very easy for all departments. As results, it is an all-rounder that can bring different wings and departments to a single chord for better functional performance. Automation at all levels, covering procurement of raw materials, manufacturing process, and supply, can be made possible.

Good Inventory management

Management of inventory is one of the key responsibilities in any firm. Those who use the traditional or legacy systems or approach in this area will have to struggle a lot to keep up to date with accurate statistics and figures. Those who have a better supply chain management ERP like Odoo will have a cakewalk of the situation.  The ERP actually relies upon stock level, sale orders, logistic laws, and similar other areas for its functions. It can help you to have wise purchase decisions at the right time. The availability of goods can be tracked in the best accurate way. The status can always be monitored for perfect functioning.


Best support for vendors

As all know, the vendors form an integral part of any industry. It is their comfort in dealing with the manufacturer that actually defines the success of any product in the outside market. So, companies that are optimistic in their market performance mind to maintain a good relationship with their vendors at all levels. Many companies will have an unmanageable list of vendors.


It is very difficult to keep them informed when the company is using legacy systems for functioning. However, it is an easy task for those who make use of an ERP in supply chain management.  Proper negotiations can be made using these features. It will help to launch purchase tenders. It will help you to integrate all responses from different vendors. The purchase orders can be easily placed before the selected list of vendors. 

The fact is that only the well-informed persons will be able to choose such an ERP like Odoo where the trade will witness magic within the shortest possible time.

Effective tracking

The successful tracking of activities in the field of business constitutes the basic pillar to success. It creates the impression that you are properly following up each and every movement in your firm and keep people accountable for their job. Any malfunctioning in the department can be traced only through such an effective tracking method.

Gone are the days when the companies used only the traditional methods to manage such tacking requirements. With the entry of ERPs, it has been largely automated by minimizing the human resources. The result is that we can count on accurate results. We can hold persons or departments accountable on the basis of accurate reports. Sales and purchase orders and quotations can be traced and viewed from anywhere.


The actual visibility of the firms gets improved and it really boosts the functioning of the firm beyond one’s expectations. It helps to prevent understocking or overstocking. It can accurately track the shipment activities. The logistics will be fully perfect with the real-time tracking facility. The blockchain features are effectively used to ensure the real-time management of the supply chain and meet the expected level of performance in the company.

Order processing and shipping

No legacy systems will be able to process the order that requires instant delivery to multiple sources. An Effective Supply Management ERP will only be able to cater to the improved order processing requirements. The same is the case with the warehouse and inventory management. The precise level of operations is the basic attraction that wins the attention of every seeker of this amazing product.


The monitoring and management shop monitoring and management shipping are also easier with this ERP. The shipping can be easily monitored at the micro level. It has also in-built logistic support tools which will be of great advantage to futuristic companies and manufacturers.

Logistics and Shipping Management is also easier with this ERP. The shipping can be easily monitored at the micro-level. It has also in-built logistic support tools which will be of great advantage to futuristic companies and manufacturers.

Logistics and Shipping Management


Supply chain logistics software tools make the movement of materials and goods efficient. Now, conveniently handle supplies in transit by using SCM software. Supply chain management logistics software helps in monitoring and managing every shipping method whether it is over-the-road fleet management, or rail, air, and sea shipping management. With the great visibility across the shipping, any business can monitor shipments conveniently. Furthermore, increased visibility lets you make changes in earlier stages to reduce risk and errors in the process. To put it another way, get back on track on-time to process shipping processes with more accuracy and precision. It will be the right choice of supply chain operations.

Reordering management job

In any industry, reordering products is very common. This can be managed with the help of Reordering rules if you are using Odoo. In Odoo, the supply chain management ERP will ensure its easy management. The effective management of the area will also reduce the workload on other departments and their heads. The accounting wing will also be beneficiaries of the effective management of the area. Above all, the cost-effective availability of the application with 24x7 technical supports makes it stand out among all other software programs in the industry.

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