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By: Cirin C Baby

Run your Manpower Supply with Odoo ERP

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No matter whatever automation you can bring in or robots to do your company's daily chore it will never match the intellectuality of humans. Moreover, the uses of advanced AI and machine learning aspects will only be applied to calls and operate based on textbook knowledge. In addition, these technologies will lack the decision-making power based on emotional causes and context of the motivation rather they will depend on advanced analysis and problem-solving aspects. The emotional quotient is the one key aspect that the robotics engineers were not able to fully develop today and is one of the vital elements of human survival.
Human resources are the back of the company, a saying which has been mentioned in many of the business management books as well as strategies of company operations. Moreover, it's considered as one of the key success mantras in the business world no matter whatever technologies have they incorporated to reduce the employee strength. Today the need for manpower is vital in the world and the establishments are in a constant hunt for candidates who are skilled and liable to be functioning in three companies. Therefore, the demand for the manpower supply industry is high and is even going up as there are more requirements and the list of candidates is long.
Nowadays manpower supply institutions act as the solution provided to the establishment and have become a vital service provider industry. These companies will hunt for talent which is best suitable for your company. Moreover, you don't need to worry about the head headache of the recruitment process. Now considering from the manpower supply companies' perspective the management of their company operations are vital and there are various aspects to be considered of. In addition, they will have to manage the recruitment aspects of all their customer companies and supply the best candidates to keep up their reputation
This Blog will provide an insight on how Odoo ERP will be able to help you to run your manpower supply company effectively.
Before moving on to how Odoo can help you run your manpower supply business let me provide light on some statistics on manpower hiring trends that exist in the year 2021. The hiring intentions of major markets of employment have been improved in the last quarter of 2020 and are still to go higher in the first quarter of 2021 too. Moreover, a study indicated that employers in European countries tend to return to pre-pandemic hiring levels at the end of the year only. Now let's move on to understand the need for ERPs in the manpower supply industry.
Why do we need ERPs in the manpower supply industry?
The need for employees and skilled personnel is ever increasing in the business environment. Therefore, the load on the consultancy service provider and manpower supply institution have to manage their operations to meet up with the demands. This is where the ERP software comes into account, as they provide smoothness in operations and will be a reliable tool for the business management operation and functioning of the institution. 
Moreover, it allows you to customize your operation therefore making the persistent process run as per your terms and conditions. Today there are various ERP solutions available for the management operation of manpower industries, Odoo is one among them and tops the marks in operations and manageability. The capabilities of Odoo for the management of manpower supply institutions will be discussed in the following section.
Odoo can help you run your manpower supply company
Odoo is one of the advanced ERP solutions available today, with the capability to undergo full customization, ability to manage the business of the company on all levels with efficiency and reliability at your fingertips. Moreover, it a in a one-stop solution for your business management operations. In addition, as it's a new generation business management ERP solution it's packed with advanced features such as IoT device integration, biometric device integration, and many more functions and tools to help you stay ahead of the curve in business management. In addition, there is an Odoo community as it's an open-source solution to support you in the needs and requirements regarding Odoo and business functioning.
Here are certain aspects that will describe to you why Odoo is the best choice to run your manpower supply company:
> Dedicated module for recruitment process operations
> You can define and draft the process of hiring based on your requirement, additionally can be modified based on the client company and their requirements in employee skills and capabilities.
> You can allocate a dedicated HR person of your company to correspond with a candidate
> Advanced marketing tools to publish the vacancies on company websites.
> Job posting on social media and other prominent promotions using SMS as well as emails.
> Each client can be defined as a project and the recruitment process can be conducted based on it where your employees can be allocated to perform operations.
> All the recruitment process operations can be monitored and managed at all levels.
> The job posting can be done on the company website and the candidates can apply online.
There are certain aspects but not the ones limited to which Odoo will help you to run the business management operations of your manpower provider company. In addition, with the help of customization aspects of the Odoo platform, you will be able to configure the operational methodologies and capabilities of the software to suit your needs of functioning. If you need Odoo implementation, customization as well as configuration, and all other Ooo related services you can choose Cybrosys Technologies one of the leading Odoo gold partners with abundant experience in the field. You can contact us by dropping a message at info@cybrosys.com 

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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