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By: Lijin AJ

Improve Your Business Profit in the Mid of Covid-19 Using Odoo 15


Starting a business makes you handle a lot of obstacles that you should move away from a frightful task, and also need to be a devotee by compromising and sacrificing from all other pleasures in your life. If you have moved your business with your ideas and concepts and are moving without any hassle and raising your profit, you have succeeded throughout your life. Most of them face many hurdles that may imbalance your business amidst Covid-19. Everyone sitting safely in their own home and managing the interaction between the lockdown is an arduous task to be maintained.  
This blog summarizes raising your business profit at this pandemic severe with the Odoo-15.
Every business has peaks and valleys, but all companies face a severe crisis during this pandemic. Most business entrepreneurs are standing in the mid-ocean due to a rampant loss in their business outcome. They are not getting solutions. At the same time, people will be more frightened to leave their shelter and maintain self-sanitization and social distancing. Nowadays, people affected with Covid-19 do not take proper precautions by isolating themselves and roaming around. The impact of Covid-19 will be affected for a long time, and we should be adopting new strategies to maintain the business acquisition. 
We have to follow an extemporized solution for this whole scenario for proper self-management.
Using Odoo as a medium, you can negotiate your business needs in the midst of post-pandemic time. We are all familiar that Odoo can serve and maintain the risk factor we face in a more uncomplicated way due to its flexibility and customizable nature. Due to its modules, we can generate solutions for the organizations we formed task-free.
Remote work access
Due to this Covid outbreak, most organizations follow work from the home scenarios to dilute the risk factor and maintain a safety cycle. So for that, there should be a system in monitoring employee work tracking. For that, Odoo can provide a work from the home module in such organizations to freely reclaim the challenges in such situations. 
The Odoo work from home module gives remote work access for all the employees who possess working at home by enabling the IP check and providing specific IP’s. Over through these facilities and adding these features makes the employees mark the attendance and even if they are out from the desk could be notified. It can create the best option to handle the work pattern at home more effectively. 
The hospitality industry
As we all know, the hospitality sector got a vast decline due to the rise of Covid-19, and most business owners had come to a solution to manage the loss and adapt to a new trend where they can cope with the struggle. Due to the emergence of eCommerce, most of them can tackle this situation by doing their business online and making a stable growth. To promote your business effectively you can sell your products and enhance your business by making a website. The field of hospitality defines serving the customers in any way. People sitting at home and ensuring safety can adversely affect this sector. So now let us move where different hospitality sections concluded to track their business effectively with Odoo. 
The cafes and restaurants
The travel industry
eCommerce and marketplace 
i) The cafes and restaurants
Most restaurants and cafes started offering home-delivered food options, and it can be done through Odoo using the Point of Sale module. The Odoo POS helps maintain this easily. The cashier sends instructions directly to chefs using kitchen printers. The manager can overview all home-delivered orders and provide changes if required through a graphical editor. To enhance your business more effectively, you can go through different extensions using the Odoo CRM module to maintain a good relationship with your customers and increase your business revenue. It can be an Odoo POS return module that helps customers conveniently return an order that strives in today’s society. 
By providing an order return policy in your business, you can effectively communicate with your customers and reduce their inconvenience. Also, by adopting the features of the Odoo POS module method, the seller can easily recognise the customers' paid, unpaid and partial payments and increase their orders sales. Using the Odoo POS module you can enhance safe, secure and fast payment transactions as per your requirement. You can deal progressively with the Odoo POS module for all your transactions. Safe transactions can also maintain many other payment options through this module. The cash on delivery (COD) option by Odoo enhances and resorts with the flexibility of paying with cash for customers who don’t opt for online transactions. 
Along with this, in cafes and restaurants, the stores can gear up and handle the crowds, followed is also facilitated by the Odoo 15, with robust solutions in organising your customers. 
ii) The travel industry
It is found that along with other industries, the travel sector has got a massive hit amidst Covid-19. But due to the innovative technology of Odoo 15, it can sigh relief to these sectors by implementing the technology the customers can compare the prices of tickets with multiple travel agencies universally. And also get great reviews globally. As the pandemic adversely affects these sectors, most travel agencies make an upsurge in the price of tickets that make the local persons challenging to afford such sequences Odoo-15 facilitates in making a price rate comparison and a particular range to select the price of tickets globally. Thus the local passengers can search for a flight in their suitable price range. 
iii) eCommerce and Marketplace 
Due to the influence of Covid-19, most of the shopping strategies have been changed by most people into online shopping. To maintain social distancing and by shielding with contactless delivery, the new system, as you heard, is correct, i.e., online shopping. As a result, this is a call time of online shopping, so the business pattern will not be the same as earlier. To conquer this situation, the self-starters who follow traditional shopping must start selling their products online on the marketplace. To implement this online shopping, they must create an Odoo website and connect it with renowned online marketplaces to get traffic with many audiences. The Odoo connectors play a huge role in maintaining a bridge between your Odoo website and the online market. The different modules like the Odoo Website and Ecommerce module., all can bring you to a competitive marketplace. It also gets customers unique solutions with hassle-free shopping experiences. 
The Odoo-15 has emerged with many advanced modules with a unique integration to boost your business revenue and enhance your business. As the arousal of pandemic serious, the mindset of different individuals has been altered exponentially. However, the leaders who proclaim to follow social distancing and restrict public gatherings must follow and implement new strategies in our business to live and fight against this situation adversely.

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