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By: Anju A.P

Is your ERP doing well to your business?


It is quite evident to watch that the present day modern business organizations are solely and intensely dependent on their software applications in order to maintain their business and keep them proficient. The software plays a crucial role in streamlining the day-to-day business operations and functions. In that case, it is best that the organizations get themselves equipped with the latest modern application for their business run, so as to assure their leg space in the competitive market.  

If a business organization remain themselves with an outdated or obsolete software application running at the end of their life, it is going to be nothing less than a big hole. Rather bringing favorable and qualitative outputs to your functions, the outdated software will only result in creating big gaps and uncertainty over the business functions.

For any business organization, the primary goal is to derive maximum profit via diminishing the operational overheads, increased profitability, and enhancement of more deals. In that case, it is very crucial for the employers in the business organizations to identify whether their present ERP framework is really accomplishing greats or more harm to their work zones. The workers should be able to distinguish whether their ERP is really doing good or bad for the business.

At Cybrosys Technologies, we do come across innumerable associations that come to us for consultation with regard to change in their present ERP framework. Many clients come with a confused mind, whether they really need a change over their ERP system. 

In the meantime, there are numerous conditions that prevent potential customers from making ERP changes. A portion of these is on the grounds that they might experience a quick time of development and not needing any business disruptions on account of the same. Secondly of not having the human assets to take on implementation and thirdly for being locked with license costs or even the absence of adequate information. The reasons count many.

This blog defines you the key signs that signify it’s time for your business to move to another ERP framework. 

You have outgrown your frameworks abilities 

This is the most widely recognized sign for change we see. The general evolution of the present day modern ERP system took from the idea of running your business works from a unified platform- that you have to run your organization, for example, accounts, finance, stock administration, sales to a full suite of integrated business application covering all departments. Today, the modern ERP frameworks can deal with each office departments, from deals and promotions to bookkeeping and accounts, to assembling and everything in the middle. 

In this way, it is imperative that the center programming you use to maintain your business has the capacity to cover each department functions without any limitations. 

In that case, if you find that your business organization can't execute the fundamental parts of your business methodology because of the absence of any business tools to take care of business, it's high time that you assess your current ERP framework and see what else is out there! 

Integration is keeping down your productivity/profitability

A standout or the most critical issues we see confronting the developing organizations is that they are into utilizing the legacy frameworks or a collection of third-party frameworks that don't communicate with one another. But if you develop your business using many frameworks that don't communicate with one another, it is likely to keep down your business growth and profitability. 

On the other hand, if your business opt for an easy to understand, user-friendly ERP software packages that hosts your everyday applications like- accounting, sales, inventory, human resource, purchase, within one location and that triggers communication with one another, it can help the business in large sparing their time and bringing in more gains in terms of efficiency.

Having separate software or programs for dealing with your business functions only diminishes the business yield, proficiency, and execution. 

On the other hand, a comprehensive and fully integrated ERP arrangement implies that all your business divisions’ work in unison under a unified platform. And the outcome isn't just expanding the efficiency however in bringing the lower end costs, easy bill management, improved organization oversight, accountability and expanded visibility into your business forms.

When usability causes staffing issues 

As the business grows in size, there comes the need to hire new talents to accommodate the workload or oblige the remaining task. In this case, it is quite evident, that the business meets a speed-bump in the working of new staff, bringing subsequent impact on their business executions. 

At this point of time, if your business is into using an obsolete or outdated ERP framework that has no pertinent preparing records or user manuals to get the employee trained, it is likely to disrupt or hamper the employee productivity. The newly hired staff is likely to have issues in executing their work functions, eventually resulting from many mistakes in their works. 

If you feel, that your employees take a great amount of time in learning and getting familiar with the software arrangement you possess, maybe the time has come to re-assess your ERP framework in the workplace. 

User-Friendly software will enable you to explore freely and complete errands easily. Older ERP frameworks may be more diligent to use and will require more hands-on training. The non-tech savvy employee may have issues executing they're every- day tasks because of its functionality. This can also cause a great deal of staff turnover at your business place. 

ERP functionality is a key sign that your business needs have changed, and that you require a more comprehensive ERP framework.

Accessibility Vs Productivity

Today there exists a huge percentage of business individuals in the market that come and say like, "I need an ERP framework that can be accessed from anyplace, not simply from the workplace or the workstation". Today, there is a rapid shift that is taking place in the employee work culture. Today many throngs for a quick, highly accessible and freestyle work applications. Workers insist for programs that can be signed in at anyplace, whenever and on any gadget. 

As we are very much aware of the pattern towards the remote workforce, constant availability is rapidly turning into a need for any developing business. 

With the introduction of Progressive Web Applications (PWA), the early style of downloading and installing is rapidly getting outdated. Today, Progressive Web Applications are seen as the norms of standard business work models, offering high flexibility to workers. They are anticipated to wind up the standard for all business innovations. 

Favorable position of PWA's is that they work similarly that customary programming does, however you have the advantage of being saved from messy installations and configuration times. Another advantage of browser-based programming is that you don't have to ceaselessly refresh your software as nothing is put away locally. 

If the expense surpasses your limit

If the developing business studios are still into the use of obsolete or outdated software frameworks, it is nothing less than investing a huge amount on a dead case. In order to keep your system running, the business needs to bring in constant modifications and this can only carve the business pockets, creating a huge burden in later times. Bringing frequent modifications or adding more plugins to fill the gaps of your ERP functionality more resembles putting a bandage on the wound, where stitches are actually required. I must say it is not a smart thought! 

If you feel that your business organization is pulled to invest a large and enormous amount of money to keep your system running, it’s high time that you again take a re-look at your current ERP framework. Understand the pitfalls that evade the software from bringing the necessary output. And ultimately figure out, whether the current ERP system has any fruits to bear in the future course of your business. 

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