By: Jesni

Maintenance Module

“Equipment” module expands too and it is naturally renamed “Maintenance” by the editor in odoo10 version. This module is used to track every equipment and helps you to manage maintenance request.The functionality of these modules have been extended to allow to replace equipment components in connection with the inventory management module.

 In this module you can track equipment and manage maintenance requests.

- Indeed, the equipment can now be preventive and/or corrective maintenance. You are free to set the             maintenance teams, the   categories of your equipment and workflow maintenance.

- Install “Equipments” module from Apps


- You will get an app as follow.




Here you can track all Maintanance Requests for each Maintanance team.



- First you need to configure your maintanance team. So that go to

- Maintanance -> Configuration -> Maintanance team 

- you can specify your team name and save it.


- Also you can configure your all equipments through

- Maintanance -> Configuration -> Equipment Categories

- Here you can specify your equipment category name and responsible person


- You need to configure your Maintanance stages under

- Maintanance -> Configuration ->  Maintanance stages

- Here you can fill name of the stage and also specify if it is folded stage or not and request done or not.



- You can create your all equipments under

- Maintanance -> Equipments -> Machines & Tools

by filling Equipment name, category, team, work center  and apropriate informations. Once you filled the informations you can save it.


- Then you can manage your maintanance requests through

- Maintanance -> Maintanance -> Maintanance Requests


- Here you can specify following informations

- Subject                      :- Subject of Maintanance Request

- Equipment                :- Specify your Equipment

- Request Date             :- It will be automatically filled with Current System Date

- Close Date                 :- Here you need to specify a close date of your maintanance request

- Maintenance Type      :- Here you can choose your maintanance type as Corrective or Preventive

- Team                           :- Choose your maintanance team

- Scheduled Date           :- Schedule a date for this maintanance process

- Responsible                 :- Select a responsible person


- You can also manage maintanance request through calender view.

- Maintanance -> Maintanance -> Maintanance Calendar


- You will get Maintanace Requests report through

- Maintanance -> Reporting -> Maintanance Requests with pychart, barchaer, pivot .. etc.

From Work Order

- You can also create Maintanance Request from Work Order itself as follow

- Here curesponding manufacturing order and work order will be automatically fill




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