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By: Evin Davis

Make your real-estate business go forward with Odoo

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Real estate is an ever booming industry and with the increase in population along with the need for housing to accommodate people both in the rural as well as urban areas of the world the industry has a high demand. Today more than a million people are working in the industry, and another earning profits from it as well as a certain other group has invested in it. Moreover, if you have a certain amount of savings and are confused about where to invest the real estate will be a greater choice. Today the business establishments function on the real estate market are booming and newer business offices are set up every day. Therefore, to stand out among the crowd you should be focusing on improving the company operations as well as obtaining new business.
The integration of business solutions will be helpful for up to a large percentage in the success of the establishments. Enterprise and resource planning solutions are a category of business solution which will be apt for the real estate market. With a dedicated application-specific approach as well as operational terminology for the operations the functioning of the real estate business can be well managed and controlled with the help of the ERP software which will improve the productivity and operational reliability of the systems. Nowadays there are numerous ERP software solutions available in the software markets and you can choose the one which is suitable for your business.
Odoo is an ERP software that will provide you with dedicated tools for the operation of the business. Thanks to the detailed modules available which are application-specific and can be used to run the operations of the business at all levels of operation. Today the software is so advanced and capable of integrating various third-party applications software from the Odoo apps store. The applications over the Odoo apps store are developed by the Odoo community which consists of the Odoo developers, consultants, partners, and other supporting staff of the Odoo platform. Let's understand what are the ERP needs for a real estate business before moving on to how the Odoo platform will help you to move forward with the business.
ERP needs for Real estate business
The ERP software is available for almost all sorts of business solutions, a certain of them are dedicated to specific types of industries or at other times a common software can be used to run the operations of the business with certain modifications. Here are certain aspects that the ERP software should be able to provide for the operation in a real estate business company:
> Dedicated CRM solution to attain opportunities
> Sales management as well as a management of the owned properties
> A dedicated website along with an e-commerce system for the management.
> Employee management along with control of sales agents.
> Marketing and promotional tools
> Adaptability to new forms of market trends
Here are the certain features which are required in the ERP while running the operation of a real estate business. Now let's move on to understand how the Odoo platform will help boost the real estate business.
How can Odoo be helpful for the real estate business?
Odoo with the dedicated mouser approach to business operations along with the functionality of a centralized database of operations will be the reliable tool for the operations of a real estate business:
A full dedicated CRM module
The business opportunity and lead procurement are vital in the case of the real estate business and the Odoo platform has a dedicated module to manage the lead scoring, management, and acquisition operations. Moreover, the CRM module with the direct integration with the website will help generate online leads who will be inducted into the real estate properties. The website can be configured to track the visitors and transform them into leads which can be further proceeded from the CRM module.
Design eye-catching websites with the Odoo website builder
With the Odoo website module, you will be able to define and create eye-catching websites without writing a single line of code. The no-code approach of website design just by using the building blocks which can be dragged and dropped into the web pages will help you to define the website in an attractive format. Moreover, there are various eye-catching theme options available that can be downloaded from the Odoo apps store.
In case you run e-commerce related to the real estate operation providing house accessories and other tools for the new owner's list can also be managed with the same website module as it has an e-commerce management system. You can list down all the products for sales, manage the sale operations, inventory and stock, and the purchase of the products.
Store the documents digitally
The documents on the real estate can be stored digitally with the help of the documents module. Moreover, you will be able to send the documents digitally between the employees and further for the authorization and to add to it. In addition, with the help of the sign module available in the platform, you will be able to sign the documents digitally and the authorization will be done with ease.
There are certain aspects which Odoo will be helpful in the operations of the real estate business but not limited to. Moreover with the other dedicated modules such as the employee module, recruitment, sales, purchase, inventory, and many more. You can contact us at info@cybrosys.com for your Odoo related needs.

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