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Making the Business on Live with Odoo Live Chat


Concerning a business or firm, the main strategy is maintaining the customer relationship. This strategy can be overcome by implementing a "live chat” application.

Live chat can have a considerable impact on business promotions. It helps not only your customer services but also on sales performance, as it gives users a chance to have fast and effective interactions.

It will increase the credibility of your company or business. According to the latest survey report, about 60 percent of people between the age of 18-34 use live chat customer service regularly.

It is very instantaneous and responsive. Odoo live chat software is developed as the result of the increased need for business to respond in real-time with customers. Managing the online customer engagement experiences, multiple websites handling, and intermediate in a dashboard to chat with website visitors is the aim of designing live chat.


In this blog, you will learn:

How Odoo Live Chat Works

Advantages of Odoo Live Chat in Business

Odoo Live Chat: Features That Makes It Better

How Odoo Live Chat Works

Live chat has a great impact on customer services and sales performance in a business. On the website, we can see the visitors under the visitor's menu. In a company website tracked pages, whether online or offline, we can see the visitors of the page. Thus it could help us to chat with the visitors of the page. You can send a live chat request that will be received by the user once they moved to a tracked page. Open a record to see details, including the visited pages, the first and last date, and time the user was connected.

To get the live chat option, first, we should install live chat on your database. There is no need to install this live chat app separately when the website is designed with Odoo. Then, the live chat app will automatically get linked. Then go to the website -> configuration -> settings -> live chat.


Click the select option and add the website link you want.

You can also create a new website.


For both users of Odoo websites and other websites, this live chat facility is applicable.

    * The operators of this app should add the agents to respond to chat requests. You can add many you like, and if you are not doing any activity for more than 30 minutes in this app, it will be disconnected.

    * There is an option for starting communication with customers. We can pre-arrange some messages such as welcome messages and can be set as preloaded text. By seeing these preloaded messages, visitors can start chatting.

    * If you click on the widget tab, your website code could be seen there.

    * Odoo provides you the facility of a personalized live chat page by sending a URL address to the website visitors.


Advantages of Odoo Live Chat in Business

    * Odoo gives 24 hours coverage and assistance to the customers

    * It is a top lead generation tool. We can make our website visitors as our leads through this live chat.

    * It is used by two departments: sales and customer care support.

    * It increases the company’s online presence.

    * It improves the overall customer service level.

    * Provides quick and easy help and support.

    * It increases the quality and the number of company leads.

    * It helps to solve the issues on the spot.

    * It helps to make decisions about new features and apps, moreover favors current, potential clients.

    * It confirms what the fault is and improves the uncertainty.

    * Besides, live chat is integrated, free, flexible, real-time.

Odoo Live Chat: Features That Makes It Better


Let’s just list out some features of Odoo live chat:

    * One can perform live chat through the website; there is no need for a special chat server.one can attend the queries and customers from anywhere .the notification will appear in a pop-up.

    * There are attractive smileys which are having impressive effects upon customers and visitors.by using these customized smileys, we can make impressions upon visitors.

    * We can configure automatic welcome messages and create canned replies as answers for repeated common queries.

    * Chat online with customers and website visitors in real-time. The customers or visitors might be checking out the products or services from the nearest and fastest available sources. If the lag takes quick responses, it will be losing a customer.

    * We can filter the audience by country wise and provide better customer service.in addition, we can configure multiple channels to attend the different regional linguistic varieties.

    * Better service evaluation and the interactive quality level is available .we get the reviews and

    * Feedbacks that will help us to improve our service providing system in customer-oriented.

    * By evaluating conversation history we can learn and serve better in the future. The level of service could be improved and could keep the customer's satisfaction rating tool.


Concerning your business location, there is no need to make all of your visitors to chat with you. Then you have an option to hide your chat based on visitor location.in Odoo, it is handled by creating channel rules. – These channel rules can be configured for a given URL and per country. If the user opens the contact us page, automatically, a pop-up will be displayed.

     Live chat -> channels-> channel rules


Also, we have a fantastic option to save valuable time. There might be some common questions and queries that are frequently asked. For these repeated questions to be answered, there is a canned response option .these pre-prepared responses give immediate answers. That saves time and effort.

Using the following commands, shortcuts, one can do particular actions within the chat window;


/help: shows a help message

/helpdesk: creates a helpdesk ticket

/helpdesk search: searches for a helpdesk ticket

/history: shows the last 15 visited pages

/lead: creates a new lead

/leave: leaves the channel

Now we can discuss how Live Chat solves helpdesk tickets


The helpdesk or customer service team is another module in Odoo, This helps to keep customers satisfied and tackle all the complaints, issues of customers. Help desk ticketing is software under the helpdesk module that collects and tracks all the customer interactions and problems. This interaction between a customer and a service representative is called support tickets.it makes the business to fulfill all customer needs and solve problems.

For enabling helpdesk tickets we should install the application on the database and the option Live Chat under Helpdesk and then go to configuration and the Helpdesk team is enabled.

Helpdesk -> Configuration ->Helpdesk team


Live chat is one of the central and effective channels for customers to create and submit tickets and the other channels are a phone calls, email, social media. Using the options customers can provide tickets through a live chat option. Customers can use Live Chat and the Live Chat operator to create the tickets.


Help desk tickets could be generated using website visitors’ chats immediately.


You can create help desk  tickets by using the command


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If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.



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