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By: Faslu Rahman

How to Manage Catalog Price in Odoo 13 eCommerce


Managing product prices according to various discounts and offers for specified customers have always been challenging for the officials in a company. Considering the loyal and regular customers and other customers to generate reward discounts only for the loyal ones should be managed so that it will not be intervened with the general pricing of the products in the company. Since the recent situation of the dreadful pandemic, most of the business organizations are moving forward to the online methodology of sales and services this management of prices has been much more complicated.

Many organizations have developed eCommerce websites to manage their business and are relying on ERP solutions to run the business. The companies are liable to keep forward the loyalty and fellowship programs in the business as done in the old conventional ways of the retail shops. The Odoo platform has the solution for this operation of generating discounts on products to specific customers based on various parameters that can be customized by the user.

The catalog prices of the products in odoo 13 eCommerce websites developed in Odoo platform has always had the functionality to develop multiple price lists and discounts on the product which can be customer-specific.

In this blog, you will learn about 

1. How to setup customer-specific price lists? 

2. How to create discounts based on promo codes?

To enable the pricelist functionality in Odoo the user can enable the price list option in the settings menu of the website module. To set up discounts in Odoo the user can also enable the option discounts available in the pricing section of the settings menu in the website module. Save the settings menu.


How to configure price lists?

Configuring multiple prices for the product and providing discounts on the purchase of multiple products can be enabled in the Odoo platform with the help of pricelist options in Odoo. Select the price list menu from the products menu of the Odoo platform and select the respective price list on which the modifications should be made. The Odoo platform automatically allocates all the products to the public price list and any changes done on the same will be directly applied to all the customers. In case the user wants to specify a price list for certain customers based on region or country or the loyal customers he/she can create a new one by selecting the create option available.


Select the respective price list which needs to be modified by the user on selecting so he/she will be directed into the price list menu. The user can also avail of the option to create and will be depicted with a similar menu. In the configuration menu of the price list, the user can assign the website and the discount information. In the discount policy, the user can specify the discount to be included in the price or show the public price and discount to the customer. On selecting the public price and discount to the customer when the customer views the product on the company website. 


In the price rules section of the price list add the products and the variants allocated with it. minimum quantity and the price of the products. The user can also select the applicable dates of the discount being operated in the platform i.e. the user can set the start date and the end date of the offer.


On providing the details the user should save the price list settings. As the customer logs into the portal and checks the website he/she can view that there is a reduced price on the specified product. The original price will be specified and the reduced price will also be specified indicating the user of the original price.


Discounts by Promocodes

Discounts in Odoo or any business can be set up for specific customers with the help of promo codes. S, when the customer checks out the product from cart he/ she, will have a section to provide all the promo codes available and thus obtain a discount on the cost price. To set up the promo codes in Odoo the user can vail the same option of the price list. While specifying the price list as shown in the below image the user can provide the e-commerce promo code which can be availed on the website of the company.


As the price list with the promo code have been saved by the user and can be availed while performing the process in eCommerce when the customer tries to order the same product which has been specified in the price list he/ she is depicted with promo code while checking out the product as depicted in the below image.


The price list functionality in Odoo has helped the users to develop discounts and price cuts on products for specified customers and products based on the various terms and conditions of the company business.

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