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By: Cybrosys Technologies

How to Manage Your Subscription Services Effortlessly with Odoo?

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The subscription-based products have become the trendiest commodities that have been striving in the market to excellence. From newspapers, magazines, laundry services, hospitality and many more the establishments that sell the subscription on these have been gaining their profits in recent years. In addition, thanks to digital technology the companies are now able to sell out digital products such as Antivirus software, programming tools, e-newsletters, and many more digitally, and that too with minimal costs. Furthermore, the newer aspects such as e-books, e-newspapers, newsletter, and e-magazines will also reduce the carbon footprint on mother earth and help your company to drive towards a greener initiative and a paperless establishment.

One of the key aspects of why the subscription-based product for its way of development in the world is due to the flexibility in options that the customers can choose on the products as well as the service. Moreover, they can purchase the products or avail the services based on their budgets and the functions required for them. Furthermore, the cost of subscription-based products and services are on the lower side while the comparison to purchase the product or manage these services on their own. In addition, certain aspects such as the ones freshly produced products such as newspapers, magazines, farm products, dairy products, and many more which can be an option based on subscription can only be availed continuously without further effort through subscriptions. In addition, the customers provide money for the products and services in wholesome i.e wholesale rate rather than the retail rate which is on the higher side.

The subscription operations of the company will be leading to a catastrophic state if not well managed and configured in operations with dedicated tools of management and functioning. Today with the software that can help you to manage the operations of the subscription products you will be able to configure the functioning as per your requirement. The Odoo ERP has a dedicated module for the subscription management of the products and services in operations in the company. Moreover, a module that coexists with other integrated modules of operation in Odoo can act as one of the reliable tools of subscription product management.

This blog will describe how you can manage the subscription services of your company effortlessly with Odoo.

Today Odoo ERP has become one of the prominent business management platforms throughout the world with more than 5 million users stretching over different countries and continents. All thanks to the cost-efficient software, reliability, and user-friendly approach to operations. Moreover, the functioning of Odoo is based on a modular approach to operations with dedicated modules in operations, therefore, providing you with a separate module to manage the subscription products and services. Here are some of the vital aspects of the Odoo subscription module which will help you to run the operations effortlessly on the Odoo platform

Create N number of subscription products

You can create any number of subscription products to operate on the platform. Moreover, you will be able to create the same product with the various subscription options and strategies for the customers to choose from. The subscription products that you have created at the instances can be removed, modified, and can be closed by providing a reason to be depicted to the customers. Moreover, you can create subscription-based alerts that can be sent to the customer as well as notify the marketing and customer support teams to contact the customers on the subscription expiry. The following image depicts the subscription products menu of the Odoo platform where all the new subscription products can be created and listed out.


Subscription templates

You can define various subscription templates to be operations in the Odoo platform, these templates can be used while describing the various subscription products and configure them accordingly. Furthermore, you can create multiple numbers of subscription templates which can be easily created in the subscription templates menu and by opting for the create option. In the subscription template creation menu, you can provide the invoicing details, terms and conditions related to the subscription, and all the additional aspects to it as depicted in the following image.


Perform CRM-based activities with Existing customers.

Suppose a customer is canceling a subscription product or is not happy with it you need to follow up with the customer and enquire about the cancellation of what can be done to improve the product. This can be done in the Odoo subscription module with the help of configurable activities which can be defined by you. The activity type menu as depicted in the below image will allow you to define the various activities of the subscription module which can be scheduled with the customer.


Subscription analysis

Report generation and analysis are some of the best features of the Odoo platform and the same aspects can be seen under the subscription module too as we can generate various analysis as well as quantitative reports of the subscription product and services sold out in the company. Moreover, you can generate the reports in the form of charts, tables, and graphs with the various options available to configure them. In addition, you can filter and group the required data to be generated as a report with the help of the various default as well as configurable filtering options available.


Moreover, the subscription module of the Odoo platform provides you with ample and advanced tools of operations that will help you with the management of the subscription products as well as the services of the company. In addition, as the module has direct integration with the sales module of the platform all the sales operations on the subscription product and services can be managed for there themselves. The same with the accounting module of the platform which is integrated to manage all the financial operations of the company based on the subscription products.

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