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By: Linto

Multiple UoM for POS in Odoo

Functional Pos

Odoo Point of Sale is no more a new phenomenon. POS features have widely been discussed in the previous blog for reference. This article trolls you down through a new feature introduced in Odoo Point of Sale application i.e. POS Product Multiple UOM.
By default,  Odoo POS enables only to sell a  product using the default unit/ basic unit. No other unit of measurement for selling is embedded in POS. In case, If we need to sell products using a different unit of measurement other than the basic one, we can use the add-on ‘POS Product Multiple UOM’ from the Odoo app store. This add-on provides an option to update the UOM for products in point of sale.
For the perfect working, we have to enable the multiple UoM options for products from the settings.
For this, go to 
Inventory ->  Configuration - > Settings
Under the “Products” section, enable the option “Some products may be sold/purchased in different units of measure (advanced)” and click apply.

After enabling the multi uom option, we can go to the product master and update the basic unit of measure for each product.

The work is as follows. Once we have set the basic UOM for a product, we will be able to switch between UOMs in the basic UOM’s category.
After setting the basic UOM, we can go to the point of sale session. A new button is added for changing the UOM of each order line.
Clicking this button, opens a new wizard, showing all the UOMs in the basic UOM’s category.
Once we have selected the new UOM, we can click ‘OK’ and the UOM for the selected ordering will be updated. The unit price will also be updated accordingly. Know more about odoo restaurant management system.

Note: When we add a new order-line(product) to order, it will be loaded in the basic UOM only. If we need to sell it in a different unit, we have to manually update it using the button and wizard. Suppose I have selected a product and updated its unit of measure. Then if I select that same product again as a different line in the same order, it will be loaded in the basic unit instead of the changed one. That means we can have the same product in different units in order. The UOM will be updated in the receipts as well
You can have a look at the module here, PoS Product Multiple UoM

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


Ahmed eldeeb

it makes pos stop working and won't start




Martin Polák

Doesnt work, resets when u switch tables in restaurant POS.




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