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By: Arun Krishnadas

Odoo 13 ERP for Trading

Functional Odoo 13

Trading is the soul of a business. It is the very activity a business firm stands for. Generally defined, trading is the act of production, storage and dissemination of goods to the customer in accordance with their demand. It requires a level of expertise to carry out the necessary actions flawlessly. If an organization fails to perform well in trade, the very foundation of the firm is weakened permanently. In order to have a smooth operation of an organization in the trading sector, expert planning and implementations is a must. With Odoo 13 ERP, your firm can flourish in the trading sector like never before. Odoo 13 is mainly used for implementing ERP for trading company. The elegant design and customizable functionalities along with a high level of scalability ensure the proper management of your organization. 

Having everything prepared for the future is the key to the success of a business. Odoo is equipped with tools and operations to confront the various challenges in trading like demand customer fluctuations, changes in regulation, deviation from the usual order, etc. from the side of any customer. Not only that, with Odoo’s profound Business Intelligence, but you can also work on the existing challenges along with evaluating the ones that could arise in the future and can act accordingly. With Odoo ERP, satisfy your customer with ample products and services thus, scaleup your profit. 

With Odoo ERP you are benefited from a solid CRM, efficient HRM, Warehouse management, Planning, high customizability, coherent Point of Sale, etc. 

Now let’s delve into the details of the above;

Solid CRM

Customer Relationship Management defines the success of your company more than any other department. A happy customer is an invaluable asset as their satisfaction is the primary objective for a business. With Odoo CRM, meet your customer’s demands and deliver the orders on time. Compartmentalize different deals according to their stages of progression. In case of any lost deals, there is a provision to mention the lost reason for future evaluation and improvisations. 

Efficient HRM

With highly efficient Human resource management, manage the payrolls, work roles, shifts, new appointments, meetings, etc. HRM is a department significantly intercepting every other department in a company as individuals running the firm must be managed. Odoo’s integrated software platform eases out the implementation of various tasks of the HRM department.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse management is a major success defining task in business. Monitoring and controlling the stock-flow among a group of interconnected warehouses can be a cumbersome process. All the troubles regarding the warehouse management can be avoided with the help of Odoo ERP. With Odoo, you can map the product stock reviews and control routes of all your warehouses and have simultaneous control over them.


Usually planning is the most important, time-consuming and painstaking process when done manually. Without proper planning, a company can end up in a huge crisis. But with Odoo ERP, plan and schedule activities, tasks and work shifts with a little to no effort. With minimal data entry, you can plan activities through simplified processes.

High Customizability

With Odoo’s advanced scalability and customizability, you can choose your ERP applications according to your needs. In need of extra features, you can always download add-on modules from the Odoo app store. The integration of third-party applications is also possible in Odoo ERP.

Coherent Point of Sale

In retail, Point of sale is the point at which the money transactions take place. Odoo’s point of sale facilitates features like discounts, loyalty tokens, etc. which in turn boosts the sale. With Odoo you can monitor the changes in shopping trends and can plan actions and strategies accordingly. 

Along with all these provisions, you can analyze reports, manage your websites, do your accounting, etc. Simply put, Odoo’s ERP is your most ample solution for managing the trades of your firm. 

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