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Odoo 14 Live Chat and Support

Functional Odoo 14

Efficient and timely communication with clients is crucial for any business. If a business is able to offer round a clock communication facility to its customers, the business is sure to witness rapid growth. On the other hand, if a business fails to interact with the customers or fails to support the customers and clarify their doubts the business is more likely to stagnate.

Odoo Live Chat has been designed in a way to help the users to engage in direct communication with the customers visiting the website. Here, we can get a dialogue box and this is the tool that is used to communicate with the clients. The box will be opened when any user enters the website. When using Odoo a small dialogue box will be opened on the screen. This box is the communication box or chat box where the customers can interact with the sales team members. The highlight of this tool is that it improves the prospect of the business by providing a lead to the marketing team. The live chat is also expected to speed up the sale process as communication becomes instant with this app. The major benefit of Live chat is direct communication with the customers.

Use this app by installing it from Odoo Apps.

The user can easily enter the application by clicking on the icon. It is an easy process to create live chat channels with Odoo. In the below-given window, the user can find all already created live chats and create a new chat. New live chat can be created by clicking Create.


The Live chat creation process can be completed in a few seconds. Just click on the CREATE button to enter a new window. Below given is the window for creating a live chat.

The first step to create a live chat is to add a name to the chat. For this, click the ADD button. You have to add operators to control the communication. This can also be done with Odoo.


Prepare automatic messages

Apart from adding operators to communicate with the customers, Odoo also provides options to prepare automatic messages. This feature of Live Chat helps a user to prepare pre-defined messages. Do you want to make use of this feature? use the options tab seen here. A set of already created messages are given here. Whenever a new visitor visits a website then the auto-generated message will be sent to his chat box to initiate the customer to a conversation. These auto-generate messages are created to attract customers and encourage them to start communication with the sales representative.
Customization of the message also is possible.


Text of the button: Here, there is a default Text on the Live chat Support Button.
Welcome Message: The automated welcome message that a user can set for your visitors. Any customer entering the website can view this message.
Chat Input Placeholder: This also is a text. This text message prompts the user to begin a chat communication.

Channel Rules

Odoo enables a user to define rules for a Live Chat. This facility has been included in the channel form. This enables the user to restrict the chat to selected countries only. The selection can be made based on different criteria including the knowledge of the language. If the sales team members of a firm are not familiar with a language, a text box can be kept hidden for the web viewers from that particular country.

Chatting with customers

Whenever an operator is planning to chat with a customer, he/she will have to create a new channel. This channel will be published on the website. This will help the customer to chat. Odoo helps you to complete all these processes in a few steps. to create a channel, GO TO WEBSITE Button as given in the below-given image. 


Click on the website option. Then the user will be redirected to the website page as given below.

What can be done to publish a channel? Nothing much. Click on the UNPUBLISHED button and it will get published. 

As you have created a channel now, you can start a Live Chat. 
Live Chat is linked with the Discuss module. Hence, the conversations in this module will also be shown in the Discuss module, but as Direct messages.

Canned responses

WE can literally ‘Can’ reactions for future use. Or we can say we can prepare a chat in advance and keep in our store. Such reactions are prepared expecting queries. These already created messages are called canned reactions. These messages are prepared based on frequently asked questions or expected questions. It is always better to use short messages as canned responses than lengthy sentences. 

Adding canned responses to a chant is not a difficult task. Just Go to LIVE CHAT > Configuration > Canned Responses.

A user can create any number of canned reactions as they need.

These previously prepared canned responses can be selected by typing “:” in the box. The operator can use the previously assigned shortcut to use these messages.


If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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