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By: Sree

Odoo 14 SMS Marketing for Supermarket Business

Functional Odoo 14 Marketing

Supermarket business is one of the most potentially small businesses. This business depends mostly on customer relationships and customer satisfaction. Odoo SMS marketing module is sure to help your business improve the sale and customer support.

Odoo SMS marketing module offers comprehensive support for a user to connect with the customers. In this blog, we can take a look at how; Odoo 14 SMS marketing can help a supermarket business.


Improve the loyalty of customers


The loyalty of the customers is the success mantra of every business. Supermarkets usually thrive on loyal customers, most who hold premium cards or membership with the supermarket. With SMS marketing, the business operator will be able to alert customers about new products, special offers. Such an initiative will help the customers and they are more likely to depend more on your supermarket.


Improve communication

Timely and effective communication is the key to building customer relationships. Odoo SMS marketing can be a great tool for communication with customers. This is more likely to improve long term relationships with the customers. SMS has a more personal format than other forms of advertisements. Moreover, it is easy to communicate with customers.


Quick and effective


SMS marketing, as the name indicates, is the user of short messages for marketing purposes. A powerful message can be sent in a few words. The service is very quick and reaches all contacts in a few seconds of delivery of the message. The message is more effective as it is sent to the right customers. The message targets the already existing customers and hence the chance for them to purchase the item about which the SMS is sent is high.


Cost-effective marketing

Even the distribution of pamphlets is expensive. On the other hand, for SMS marketing the user requires only the ODOO SMS marketing application and the contact details of the customers.For a supermarket business, they can use SMS marketing for bulk messages or for special messages like thanks messages for customers after each purchase.


Provides direct channel to communicate with customers

SMS marketing does not need any third-party assistance. The message can be set automatically and generated. A supermarket business can use SMS marketing for direct communication with customers. Alert about door delivery system, special offers, and other messages can be communicated directly.


Opt-out the facility to help customers

Odoo offers the provision unsubscribe. The user can set the feature in the app. If a customer is not interested in receiving the message, the person can easily opt out from receiving the message.


Organize all marketing initiatives

SMS marketing can also operate as a coordinating marketing technique. A user who wants to communicate with different types of customers about different deals can make use of this facility. This can be integrated with other marketing campaigns and send direct messages to the customers. 


Quick to understand

As SMS messages are short with a few words, the user can easily understand the meaning and respond accordingly. 


Frequent updates 


SMS marketing helps the user to give frequent updates. For example, if a supermarket is offering a special discount on vegetables on Monday, for meat products on Sunday and the like, the user can make use of the SMS marketing to alert the customers about the discount deals. As it is cost effective, the user does not have to worry about the expense for each message.


Integrate with other applications

Odoo SMS can be integrated with different applications including email marketing, sales, point of sale, and other modules.  This helps efficient use of the SMS service.


Can get response data

Odoo SMS marketing helps the user to get clear data of the response of the SMS receivers. It helps the user to get an idea about the SMS received, bounced and clicked. The data will be given in percentage and this helps to understand the success rate of the messages.


A loyal customer of a supermarket is more likely to engage in purchase when he gets alert about special offers

Odoo SMS marketing helps you the best way here by providing you with great support to manage the alert service.  Alerts received in the morning about the sale are likely to prompt many to purchase the product from the supermarket.


Generate Customer Categories

Odoo enables the user to form different groups of customers.  A buyer who frequently purchases pet food and other pet products can be sent special alerts. Those who do not involve in the purchase of such products need not have to receive such messages.  With this, a vegetarian will not get meat products related offers.  Families with children can be listed out separately to send product details of toys, baby food and other products for children.


Instant marketing tool

SMS marketing tool is quick to operate and quick to use.  This can be used instantly for sending messages.  The instant message service helps to update the user about the purchase or thank the customer.  Besides, the user can prepare the message and place it in the queue, send now, or schedule for a later date or time.  The user will also be able to send text messages to the user.


Increased use of mobile phones improves efficiency

The majority of customers possess mobile phones. If the supermarket business wants to use email tools then they will have to ensure that all the users possess email id and regularly check their emails. A base phone will not have an email application facility and email messages will have to exclude such users from their campaign. On the other hand, all base models of phones possess SMS facilities. This helps the users to contact a maximum number of people.  


Odoo SMS market is specially designed to meet all marketing requirements of the users. This is the easiest tool to use for marketing activities.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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