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By: Aneez Kanjirangat

Odoo Localization - The Best Feature of Odoo

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Operating a business in the terms and terminologies of the locality of existence would be beneficial in the company's growth. It's said that a business organization should understand the locality needs, how they function, their traditions, and policies of operations before clear a company. A thorough study on the legal aspects as well as the functional aspects of the locality or the state would be an added advantage if done before the start of the operation.

The world is a diverse place. There is even diversity in countries and states, which is basically due to the topology, landscape, people, and traditions. Establishing a single business model for fusion in all the places would lead to catastrophic losses to a company. Where a thorough study will allow the managers to have a better understanding of their customers, needs and operational methodologies will be able to reach the customers and clients with much more impact.

To illustrate, the diversity factor let's consider India, a country diverse in culture, traditions, climatic conditions, landscape, topography, and people's mindset. A country having 29 different states and associated union territories with it. Establishing a countrywide business model is a difficult aspect of this country. It's said that doing business in India is equal to doing business in 29 different countries. This is mainly because of the variety of cultures, customs, and living standards they bring in. So further a business in India should not only have different models of operation but also a variety of products, which can be custom made for the region-specific needs.

Odoo one of the best ERPs available, used over by customers in business operation management across numerous countries finds the need for the localization aspect. The customizability feature of Odoo will allow the users to customize the business model and operational terminologies as per the need. In addition, the various supporting modules and applications provided by the Odoo community will be an added advantage.

The Odoo platform integration to a company provides the localization aspects to various operations of the company ranging from accounting, product management, HR management, and many more. The best part is that these all aspects can be customized, thus eliminating the localization barrier while functioning in a discreet location. Additionally, the platform enables users to establish and manage multiple operational methodologies of localization, which would be beneficial for the multiple location-based companies and their operations.

This blog will provide insight into how the localization aspects in Odoo will help the users in various aspects of company operations such as:

Product management
HR management
Use multiple languages 

The aspect of any company operation is inevitable and should be done with the utmost precision, control, and monitoring to avoid losses. The finance management aspects of the Odoo platform allows the users to manage all accounting, invoicing, tax management, and all allocated ones with Odoo. One of the key aspects of localization with Odoo is tax management, the various countries operate on different taxation terminologies suitable to their government. A company operating in these countries is liable to follow these taxation methods. Which can be effectively established as described in Odoo.

Another aspect is if dealing with a multinational corporation the financial exchange caused by the current diversity among the various franchises located. The Odoo platform allows users to manage multiple currencies in the platform. Additionally, the invoicing of a company should be based on the terminologies described by the authorities on the descriptive data which may vary among nations.

Product management
The inventory management and the sales allocated with its operation is a key element of localization. Considering a multinational company where they sell various products, some may not be suitable for a locality or do not agree with the terms and conditions of the government, but cannot be removed from the company's inventory as the customers are in need at other locations. Certain products illegal in a location will be legal in another, but these products cannot be entirely removed from the company inventory. The Odoo platform allows the users to customize and configure the product operations based on the localities which will restrict the orders at instanced of a specific order on a product coming from a non-liable locality.

HR management 
Every region may be having a recruitment process based on the population, the terminologies to practice, and many more aspects that define the local governing bodies. In addition, the salary structure and the modes of operation, levels of employment, and duties may vary from place to place and even company to company. The Odoo platform with its HR effective HR management aspects will ensure the user will help to configure various recruitment processes, hiring aspects, and job posting based on the orthodox ways of the region. In addition, the platform enables the user to deal with the various stages of employment including job positions, levels of employment, and salary structure based on the taxation aspects of the region.

Multiple languages
The multilingual aspects of the world is a difficult aspect to take in the mode of communications being done. The Odoo platform under the ness of using local language in a company and allows the users to define it based on the requirement. English let its be standardize in any region or country is uses as the universal language and the platform is defined in the same. However, more people speak, read, and listen in other languages ??rather than English the Odoo developers understand the need of using regional language and dialect in the company operations. The various languages ??can be defined in the platform which will in turn allow the users to synchronize with company operations and operate upon.

There is no doubt in the fact that localization is the aspect that makes this world diverse and unique in each and every part. Implementing these localization aspects will provide the companies with the added advantage of being functioning respecting the location's culture, diversity, and operational methodologies which is possible with Odoo.

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