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By: Aiswarya JP

Odoo 16 Laundry Management App


Laundry Management is an industrial-specific Odoo application developed by Cybrosys Technologies for easily managing the laundry process by assigning workers. This app is available from Odoo version 10 to the latest launched version, Odoo 16.

Let’s look into all the useful functionalities provided by the Laundry Management module.

Installation of Laundry Management Module.

As this module is a free application, anyone can download this module from Odoo App Store in desired Odoo versions.



After installation of the module, users can open Laundry Management from the main menu, as shown in the image below


Now, let us go through each feature of this module which will be highly useful to every Odoo user.


1. Laundry Order.

Inside the Main menu, “Laundry Management,” we can see a menu called “Laundry Order,” from which users can create Laundry orders.


On clicking the Create Button, users can view the form view of Laundry Order, where we can specify the details regarding the corresponding laundry orders such as Customers, Laundry Person, Orderlines, etc.

In Order lines, we can add Dress, Description, No.of items, Washing Type, Amount, etc.


After Confirming the order, corresponding Laundry Work will be created for the assigned Laundry Person.

2.Laundry Works.


From the submenu “Laundry Works”, users can view the created Laundry Orders in different statuses and are also able to add additional products from where, which will also be included in the billing.


If any extra works are added to Laundry Orders, they will be created as Laundry work after the completion of the main work and can also be viewed from the Laundry Works menu.

3. Laundry Order Label.

The label for created Laundry Orders can be printed from the printed menu.



4. Invoice for Laundry Order


After the Laundry works are done , the Laundry Orders will move to the state “Done”, at this state user can create an invoice for corresponding order by clicking the Create Invoice button.


Also it's possible to view the created works and invoices of the corresponding order , directly from the Laundry Order form view by clicking on these buttons.

5. Configuration

i) Washing Type :


We can configure the washing type from the menu Configuration ? Washing Type, from where we can create a new washing type by providing details like Name, Service charge and Assigned person as shown as in the below image.


ii) Additional Works:


We can configure the Additional works from the Configuration ? Additional Works menu, where we can create new additional works like the Washing type that we discussed above.

6) Reporting

From the menu Reporting ? Laundry Order Analysis, we can analyze the Laundry Orders created based on different measures in the Pivot.


These are the useful features available in the Laundry Management App, which makes the laundry process simple.

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