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By: Midhun Sankar

Odoo 16 Front Office Management App

Functional Odoo 16 Odoo Apps

The front office management application lets you manage the visitors coming to your office with the help of entry passes issued to them and also handles their belongings. This app can also manage your employees' belongings, and generate visitor reports and property labels that the visitors bring to your office. So, without any delay, let’s discuss the app in detail. The Front Office Management app is dependent on the Odoo Employees app. So make sure you have that module before using the Front Office Management app. 

In this blog, we examine the features of the Front Office Management app.

This application includes features such as: 

* Visitor Management

* Visitor’s Check or Check out details

* Report of visitor

* Print Property Label

* Issue Visitor Pass

* Manage visitor belongings 

* Manage employee belongings

Salient Features of Front Office Management App

Let’s discuss the features of this app in detail. Firstly, we need to add the group receptionist to the user to give them access to the Front Office menu.

Odoo 16 Front Office Management App-cybrosys

Once that’s done, the user can access the Front office menu. From there, the user with receptionist access can create visitors by providing a name, phone, and email.

Odoo 16 Front Office Management App-cybrosys

To record their visits, under the visitor management menu, there is a visits menu, click on that, and we can create a visit for the visitor. 

Odoo 16 Front Office Management App-cybrosys

From visits, we can choose the visitor and add their purpose of visit. If they have personal belongings, we can set them below the Personal Belongings tab. There’s a Check In button that checks in the Visitor and a Check Out button that checks out the visitor. A property counter menu that lets us add properties of visitors. We can also note the properties taken in by a visitor and the ones that the visitor has taken out.

Odoo 16 Front Office Management App-cybrosys

Next, we’ll discuss generating visitor passes. So in case we need to generate visitor passes, go to the visitor management menu-> visits, and from the print menu, we can print visitor passes. The printing pass contains the visitor's name, visitor id, the purpose of their visit, and contact information.

Odoo 16 Front Office Management App-cybrosys

To print the visitor report, we can see an option next to printing visitor pass, which is visitors report.

Odoo 16 Front Office Management App-cybrosys

In this report, we can see the visitor, their purpose, check in or check out details, and also their personal belongings. The next option this module has is to print the property label. For that, we need to create a record in the property counter, and once that’s done, under the print menu, we’ll get the option to print the property label. 

Odoo 16 Front Office Management App-cybrosys

The property label contains the name of the properties that are not allowed in the office.

All the details, as mentioned earlier, are the features of the Front Office Management app. Install the Front Office Management app in Odoo to boost your company workflow and further operations. The Front Office Management application helps users to manage visitors, passes, employee belongings, and check-in or check-out details in a company.

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