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Odoo Appraisal - A Beneficial Tool to Boost Employee Satisfaction

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Employees are considered as the backbone of an organization, it's based on their performance and functioning abilities the growth of the company can be established. Today the implementation of automation technologies has made the workforce shorter but has widened the doors of opportunities for the people of various other sectors. Although the employees are smaller in number their efficiency and reliability will be directly reflecting in the companies profits. Today employee satisfaction plays a critical role in the functioning of an establishment and as versions of job opportunities are available people tend to opt for the job role which not only provides a reasonable remuneration but also adds up to the employee satisfaction level.

What is the main fact that will drive an employee to fusion in an establishment? You can say job satisfaction, ethical values, and many more aspects however, nothing beats the top spot for which the employee functions in the company that is money. I have put it straight forward and many of the others will sugar coat it before the exposure. Money is the many aspects that drive all of us along with all the relatable aspects which can be brought by it. Furthermore, providing a definite remuneration will motivate the employee to function but an appraisal will boost their satisfaction and make them more reliable in operation.

Today the business operations of the companies are managed with the help of dedicated software tools all thanks to the improvements in communication technology and advancement of electronics and adaptation to the new digitalized world. Odoo is one of the enterprise and resource planning solutions that will function as an effective business management tool in the operations of your company. With more than 5 million users stretching all over the world as well as functioning based on various levels, industrial sectors and scales the Odoo ERP has become one of the prominent business management solutions in no time.

This blog will describe the appraisal module of the Odoo ERP and define why it will add up to boost employee satisfaction in your company.

Odoo has a modular approach to business operations hence providing you with dedicated modules to function your company. Moreover, the modules in Odoo are interconnected in operations providing you a unanimity in company operations. The Odoo ERP has a dedicated appraisal module that will help you to define and function the various appraisal parameters as well as appraisal operations of the organization. Let's now understand how the Odoo Appraisal module will add up to the aspects of employee satisfaction in the company.

Periodic Employee Evaluation

The employee appraisal evaluation can be set up to be conducted periodically. Moreover, the evaluation can be set up based on the various parameters and the operations of the employees which can be conducted in the form of interviews or a meeting with an employee over phone, video call, or in person. Additionally, the appraisal parameters for each employee can be defined with ease in the module which the employees can have a look at and add the details of it upon the creation of an approval request. 

The analysis of the employees can be conducted irrespective of the company-sized and operational methodology. Moreover, as the parameters are being described based on the company aspects customization on the appraisal aspects is possible. Considering the employees, they can understand the appraisal status of an ongoing appraisal process, and understand and generate alerts on the upcoming appraisal process. Additionally, these evaluations can be automated in a way that the evaluation requests can be generated based on the time interval or based on the activity of the employees in the company.

Survey for Appraisal 

In the Odoo appraisal module, a survey can be generated towards the employee who is willing to achieve an appraisal or the company is liable to provide. These surveys can consist of questions that will evaluate the employee, their operations, and the processes of the company and also on the expected appraisal required. After the survey is completed by the employee the managers can assess the answers to the queries and further decide on whether to provide the appraisal or not.

Furthermore, you should ask the right questions to the employee regarding the functioning in the company and not about the other outhouse aspects or the ones not related to their area of work in the company. This will ensure that the appraisal operations are conducted smoothly and accurately.

The appraisal module of Odoo has a separate window for the managers as well as the employees. In the managerial window, all the approval requests for the employees will be depicted which the managers and the high-level officers can analyze and verify. In Odoo and its operations in the installations, the Appraisal module of the platform will act as one of the prominent modules of operations which will add up to the employee satisfaction and bring in a structured way of the appraisal as well as increment operations io the salaries. In addition, the functionality for the employees to request an appraisal also adds up to the effectiveness and reliability of the module in the platform. 

Furthermore, in the appraisal module, you can create an appraisal format or an operation, create employee surveys on it from the employee to take part in it, and generate appraisal requests based on the survey. Finally, a face-to-face interview or a meeting can be conducted where the final terms and conditions of the appraisal are being discussed. If you need to further know more about the appraisal module operations in the latest version of Odoo 14 read the following blog: Employee Appraisal in Odoo

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