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Why Should We Invest In Marketing Automation?

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Marketing automation is software-oriented marketing management. This process helps the business to manage different and repetitive tasks. This will help an entrepreneur to create and nurture leads, create campaigns, and manage different marketing initiatives. 

In the era of Apps, a business can conquer the market only with the help of a comprehensive marketing tool. An ERP tool for coordinating and managing different marketing tasks can ease the marketing tasks and make marketing an effortless process.

Marketing Automation application is helpful for a large number of small, medium, and large business ventures to manage their publicity operations. This modernized tool will help to personalize the marketing experience and automate the process of message sending. 

ERP vendors have been introducing different types of marketing automation applications to improve the efficiency of the marketing wings of different business groups. This will help the investors to streamline their operation and make lead generation and management effortless. The initiative in turn will help to generate more revenue and improve business marketing strategy.

The tool will provide the business with an easy-to-handle marketing management tool. 

Marketing automation will help the business to manage different types of campaigns and publicity programs without much effort.

Marketing is all about campaigns now. So we need an efficient system to manage all product and service-related campaigns. 

Marketing automation helps the investor, from all industries, to enjoy the best control over their campaign activities. 

Planned and well-managed campaigns are more likely to be accurate and effective. Such campaigns will help the business to generate more leads and derive the best results.

Let us examine this thought from a different perspective. Imagine an investor is running a textile business. There may be a hundred or more similar textile enterprises in his area. Some of his competitors may be large establishments and some others small establishments. But ultimately what matters in the market is not the size of the business or the number of employees working for the textile industry. Instead, it is the way the investor or the business reaches out to the customers. 

Imagine textile shop A is a large chain and follows old and traditional marketing techniques like newspaper advertisements. At the same time, Textile Shop B uses marketing automation. B uses the ERP tool to manage campaigns through different campaign types like email and SMS. 

Which business will flourish fast? We can doubtlessly say that B will flourish and scale heights in a shorter time. IT is because B uses SMS and Email messages, which are personalized messaging systems to contact the targets or prospects. This ensures the success of the campaign. Moreover, automation tools help in analyzing the success rate of the campaign by identifying the bounce rate, open rate, click rate, etc.

In this blog, we can analyze why we need marketing automation tools for the development and growth of the business.

Let us list out the key highlights of automation and check its benefits in detail.

Saves Time

There are different time management strategies which are getting popularised these days. We have to save our time and at the same time, we have to multiply our time. Especially when we are running a business multiplying time becomes crucial. 

What is time multiplying or how is it done? We know that we cannot increase the time. Instead, we have to productively use our time so that we can complete multiple tasks quickly. 

Instead of manually managing all marketing campaigns, Marketing automation helps us to manage everything based on the time fixed by us. Campaigns can be triggered based on the set time and ensure quick delivery of the campaign. Besides, we will be able to auto-generate reports and analyze the success rate of the campaign without wasting our time. 

Create and Manage Campaigns 

When marketing becomes a software-assisted process, the creation of a campaign, its management, and tracking becomes effortless. While a manually controlled campaign requires the effort and time of one or more employees for many days, automated marketing campaign generation and management can be controlled with a click. It will help the investor and managers based on access rights to access and control the campaign even using a smartphone. The software platform will help you to manage triggers and set expiry dates. It will also offer you support for generating reports and analysis with a click. 

Lead generation and management

Lead is nothing but contact or a prospective customer. Any person who receives campaign material can be considered a lead. The lead becomes a prospect when the person is interested to purchase the product or the service. Marketing automation tools help the business to create campaigns for different groups of audiences. It helps to select a targeted group and manage different tasks efficiently. It will also help to trace the route of the message. We can also check and analyze the success rate of the campaign. As marketing automation tools help to alert the prospects about offers and promotional programs, it increases the purchase rate. 

Categorize the targets or prospects

When you depend on the mass media for campaigns you are addressing a large mass of people who have different interests and choices. For example, a campaign for a school bag may not interest all people. At the same time, you cannot ensure that a mass media campaign reaches the right customers. But if you are using marketing automation support to manage the campaign you can create target models or prospects. We create target groups to group people with similar interests for purchasing products. Automation support helps to categorize customers based on age, gender, interest, etc. Whenever we start a campaign we can select the right audience, and thus the campaign is more likely to derive desired results. 

Automated triggers 

When we seek the support of the Automation tool we can set triggers. That means we can decide when to start a campaign and the frequency of the campaign. In the same way, we can also choose the expiry date of the campaign. For example, if you are publicizing an offer you can set an expiry date for the offer. 

Generate report and assess the impact

IS it enough to start a campaign? No, what is more, important is an assessment study. It will help you to plan campaigns more effectively in the future. It will also help you to find out what are the setbacks of your campaigns and initiate corrective measures. We also get support to assess the participants and the rate of success of the campaign.

This is why we need to use marketing automation to ease marketing campaigns and publicity.

If you are interested to know more about marketing automation and Odoo for Marketing Automation,

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