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Why Automate Your Marketing Process with Odoo


Marketing automation works with software or a platform that will automate the marketing activities like mass mailing, event promotion, and processing campaign activities, to save time and energy. Automation began with the process of automating the mailing process. Developed as mailing automation, marketing automation has now spread its wings and involves various complex processes. A good marketing management software can be used to compose the marketing content, automate campaigns, and also have proper visitor analytics.
Now marketing software is fully developed to take on responsibilities like 
Lead Generation 
Usually a function of the CRM software, lead management allows to identify the online visitors on social media and websites, to analyze either online behavior and as potential customers, to prioritize them. The CRM software mostly manages this aspect and the marketing tools will integrate with the module and use the data to work with the marketing activities. 
Campaign Creation
Creative campaigns are a combination of various email SMS and other activities to convert the lead to customers or to retain customer loyalty through impressive offers, follow-ups, and surveys. We can design creative campaign content using marketing software and automate the actions to be performed on set triggers. 
Reporting and Analysis
Real-time analytics and reports on campaigns will help the users to have insights on their customer and lead communications. We can also avail reports on conversion rates and through this, we can study the success of campaigns. 
Publishing, controlling, and managing the contents across various online platforms is streamlined with the help of automation software. Automation of the marketing process helps the company to reach and target their products to the right audience at the right time with minimal effort. Read on for some advantages of using a good platform to manage marketing campaigns and reports. 
- Streamline marketing: using marketing automation, it becomes easier to manage the multiple campaigns and needs of the various contacts at different stages of a relationship with the company. You can classify, create and target campaigns, all in one place. 
- Cost and time effective: automation without any ado, saves the time of employees by cutting down on various processes. From collecting and organizing the contact information to taking step by step action, everything is easier with the automation software. In a single stop database, you have access to all information relevant to create effective marketing strategies and thus your energy and time are saved. Savings on your manual labor, cuts time wasted and translates effectively to better utilization of time. Hence more efficiency is more productive time and more productive time is more money. 
- Increase marketing accountability: marketing insights generated from the campaign reports and analysis can help you understand which campaigns generate better. The data metrics of these campaigns can demonstrate the effectiveness of the campaigns and strategies employed by the marketing team. It can also help restructure the campaigns to benefit better to the company by providing success and conversion rates. 
- Bring together multiple channels: marketing today combines the various channels of communication one cannot ignore the convenience of having them all at one control point. With marketing automation platforms, all the marketing activities across channels are brought together and managed at one focal point. The platform unifies the multiple channels, making marketing time efficient. 
- Personalize your marketing: marketing campaigns can be personalized in a few clicks to introduce a sense of familiarity among the receivers. We can design codes that will allow the messages to be personalized for the receiver without having to individually create campaigns for each customer. The touch of personalization would allow the customers to connect well with the brand. 
- Target campaigns: with marketing software, you can identify and categorize the targets who would benefit from the campaigns. Untargeted marketing emails and messages are often a put-off for most people. This can lead to your marketing emails being spammed more. As for other campaigns, running an untargeted campaign can waste a lot of money and effort from our side. This would mean a considerable loss for the company in terms of money and effort. 
- Increase the conversion rates: now that your customer insight is better and the marketing is better targeted, we can have more conversions among our leads. The percentage of prospects that are now customers from the various campaigns will improve. We understand the needs of our customers and target audience much better through the customer and campaign insights we receive. 
- Return of investment is maximized: more planned and organized marketing campaigns will lead to retention of the customer base. Communicating more offers, product launches, and other promotional offers would allow the existing customers to be impressed. Customized offers designed for customer categories depending on their needs would help retain the customer relationship for a longer-term. Customer retention would mean more lifetime value for each customer and hence more return. 
Odoo Marketing 
The marketing apps in Odoo are designed to handle social media and website content, mass communication, automation, and customer satisfaction. 
Let us have an overview of the various marketing modules that are available in Odoo. 
The social marketing module integrates the various social media accounts of the company with the Odoo database. We can now have an overview of the posts and activities across our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the websites. We can manage the posts, create new posts as well as set up push notifications for our websites. We can create live interactions with our website visitors turning them into leads. Read more about the configuration of social media marketing in Odoo from our blog.
Email marketing in Odoo is a functional app meant to automate and facilitate mass mailing among the target audience. We can build impressive email campaigns from scratch and design templates that resonate well with the target audience. We can create the content, filter the audience and analyze the stats. Good audience interaction is made possible through email marketing that allows more personal communication with the target. You can configure the email marketing and campaigns with the help of our blog. 
SMS marketing is another tool that allows us to contact our customers through automated SMS. The SMS market reaches the audience easier as most people have more access to their phones than mails especially after office hours. It also ensures a double check on the email marketing messages. SMS marketing involves in-app purchases. You can view the pricing here. 
Marketing automation allows us to integrate the various campaign activities and put the lead management on autopilot. We can create campaigns that integrate the communication and server action to manage the lead conversion. Lead generation, lead scoring and lead conversion is made possible through its integration with Website, Events, CRM, and Email Marketing. The configuration is available in the blog Odoo 14 marketing automation
The marketing automation with Odoo allows you to work in integration with the other modules to generate and reach your potential customers. For customization of the modules and other Odoo support and service, contact us.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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