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By: Cybrosys Technologies

Social Media Marketing to Grow your Business


One in three people uses social media according to world statistics. Looking for news to partners, we have slowly shifted all search to social media. From employers to employees, from customers to service providers, we are all online. Started and trending from the 2000s, the last two decades have seen social media influence make a geometric progression in popularity. Social media platforms have been neck to neck in winning the hearts and minds of the youth and the aged alike. 

Social media, earlier dismissed as the monopoly of the youth, is now surpassing all generations. The media platforms are not without change and many of these have come up with innovative updates to get their users scrolling and tapping on the screen. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have seen significant changes in their media features and content moderation. Any of these social media platforms viewed side-by-side with their 5 or more years older version would look an entirely different site, both in features and appearance.

Trending minimalism and advanced UI features has pushed all social media platforms to be appealing to all users in looks and features alike. The growing inclusivity and safety guidelines have made social media a safe space for all ages, races, and genders. All these have pulled in more users to be active on these platforms. 

The booming popularity is not ignored by the best of marketing minds. The innovative marketing strategies have taken hold of social media converting them to the most capitalized advertising platforms. With advanced content management and moderation tools in place, most social media today have a full-grown system in place to know the demands and deliver to its users. Strategizing the right marketing content in the right amount would take any business to the potential customers in no time. 

1. Social media marketing stands the benefits of 

2. Increased brand awareness and let the potential customers connect better with our products and mission. 

3. Grow website traffic.

4. Increase engagement with brands beyond sales. 

5. Real-time data about post reach and engagement. 

6. Build customer loyalty with the right amount of social media presence. 

7. Lesser investment and more reach. 

The increase in social media usage is estimated to be around 4.41 billion by 2025. Most internet users spend an average or 2 and half hours a day on social media. The social media usage trends saw significant growth with the pandemic pushing more people to the indoors. Combining image, video and the right amount of text can get you to the top of marketing games on social media. An attentive study of the user activity and user engagement on social media and websites can help you analyze the success and impact of the various marketing strategies employed. 

A social media marketing module would help centralize and organize your social media presence as a brand and analyze the connection your social media activities are making to the public. 

In Odoo Social Marketing, we can link our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles and manage the activities. 

Odoo Social Marketing 

The marketing app available in the Odoo app store can be installed to manage and monitor social media and website visits. 

The module dashboard would display the added streams in the feed that can be monitored.


The social marketing module has menus to manage the feed, posts, campaigns, visitors and also to configure the social marketing accounts.


The various streams on the linked accounts are available in the feed. We can monitor the activities on these accounts and also interact with the social media community. 


We can create new social media posts using the posts window. The scheduled posts cand date wise posts can be viewed with the calendar view. We can choose the platforms for displaying the post depending on the accounts configured. We can add the message and attach the images to the post. We can link the post to the available campaigns the preview will be available.

There is also an option to time the posts for a given date or send them immediately. The post settings can be modified as we scroll down. 



We can view the proceeding campaigns and create new ones. The assortment of the dashboard will be according to the stages. The stages can be edited, folded, or deleted if necessary. The campaigns integrate various social marketing activities like SMS, email, push notifications, social posts, etc. We can get an overview of each campaign in terms of the leads, revenues, sales, and so on. We must enable mailing and SMS campaigns in the respective marketing modules to add them to the campaign.



We can view the list of website visitors. The table will display the tracked interactions. This would help us take action on the visits and improve the lead generation. The details like the visited pages, number of visits, lead/opportunities, registrations, and so on will be displayed on the visitor's table. 

We can additionally save information like linked partners and countries. If the contact has been created, we can initiate communication with them through SMS or email.



In the configuration, we can configure the settings to link various social media accounts to the module. We can create a developer account in the Odoo social app for Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter and use the id to link them.


Social media 

In social media, we can link the accounts with an active Odoo subscription. This would allow us to manage and schedule posts in the various social media sites. The push notifications would send live notifications to the website visitors.


Social accounts

The social accounts linked to the module are displayed in the accounts and the media activity for the account is also displayed.


Social streams

We can add social streams like Facebook mentions, keywords, page posts, and so on. The overview of these would be available in the table. 

The Odoo Social Marketing module works well with email marketing and SMS marketing modules. To avail the full benefits of features like campaigns, we must install this from the Odoo app store.

The social marketing module also integrates with the Sales, CRM, Invoicing, and Website to provide us with real time insights on our social marketing campaigns.

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