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By: Evin Davis

Employee Appraisal in Odoo 14

Functional Odoo 14

Providing remuneration and appraisal for the employees based on the service provided is an important aspect of any company's operations. The appraisal provides the employees with satisfaction recognition of work for the services provided by them for a long time. There are various parameters and analysis to be done before the app on every employee in a company. These parameters and terms vary from organization to organization it entirely depends upon them.

Odoo platform has a separate employee appraisal module which has been defined to deal with the operations. This module operation has been interconnected to the other Human resource management aspects of the Odoo. Therefore, providing users with the necessary data during the approval process.

Employee appraisal can be conducted mainly based on the following aspects:
    - Evaluation: Here a complete and complete evaluation is conducted on the employee performance and operations within the company where feedback on the employee is obtained from the managers and supervisory staff.
    - Rating system: Where the employee is continuously rated on performance and an appraisal is provided based on it.
    - Self-assessments; Employees provide their own introspection based on input.
    - Face to face interview: An interview with the manager of the CEO of the company on discussing the appraisal aspects.

This blog will provide insight into the appraisal module of Odoo 14 and its operations in the appraisal aspects of the employee.

Creating an employee appraisal
The user can install the appraisal module from the applications menu of the module. As the user opens the appraisal module he/she can view all the employees being listed out. The appraisal operations conducted on the respective employees by selecting them. There are various defaults as well as customizable filtering options to obtain the respective employee.


The user can select the create option to create a new appraisal for the employee. In the creation window, the user can select the employee on which the manager, job position and the company will be auto-updated. The user can allocate more than one manager to the employee in the appraisal event. 
An employee feedback form will be auto-updated which will be sent to the employee.


The user can define the employee goals for the appraisal under the employee goals menu of the respective appraisal. Here the name of the goal can be provided, the owner is auto allocated based on the appraisal. The progression depicted and there is a description that can be customized and provided. The challenged person can be set as the manager and deadlines often operation can be set.


Once the appraisal is done the platform will label the respective appraisal operations defined in the platform as done. Under the respective appraisal description in the appraisal tab of the employee, the percentage of the operations will be depicted this will help the employees as well as the manager to review the status of the appraisal operations being conducted under the company.


Employee evaluation using surveys
The appraisal can be defined based on the feedback or the questionnaire surveys being defined. Under the survey module, the user can create new surveys having the questions required to deal with the appraisal, this can be a feedback survey of a survey to describe the performance by the employee, based on the sales target achievement, operations achievement, etc.  These surveys can be coined as the analysis aspects for the appraisal operations as it will showcase the employee achievements of the employment till the appraisal operations. 

Once the surveys are being described the user can send it out to the employees via mail or post the link. As the survey is being described the employee can also analyze the performance and operations which should be filled and the user can evaluate and verify these.


Face to face interview
The interview is a great evaluation tool for any operations to a company so as in the case of the appraisal. A face to face interview can be scheduled with the respective employee using the calendar option of the platform and the employee can be notified. In addition, the manager or the interviewer can evaluate the employee based on various pre prepared questions to negotiate the appraisal terms. Moreover, this will be a beneficial action concerning the employees as well as the managers.

The Odoo appraisal management tool will help the user to evaluate all the appraisal operations based on various actions and parameters which can be defined by the user and the company of operations.

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