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By: Anju A.P

Odoo Calendar Module to Manage Appointments and Events

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No business organization can evade the necessity of conducting meetings at their workplaces, no matter how big or small they are. Meetings are typical for the organization, as it opens the door for individuals from the group or the organization to exchange their thoughts and talk about their objectives.

To a few conducting meetings are totally superfluous or unnecessary, however, it is seen that if meetings are held in the proper manner, one can satisfy their objectives easily without investing much of their time, money and talent. 

A well-planned, properly organized and controlled meeting is guaranteed to accomplish many silvers to the organization such as:

1. Resolution of Conflicts

2. Better Decision Making 

3. Better Participation of Team Members

4. Saving Time, Effort and Money 

Resolution of Conflicts

Problems and issues are constantly obvious inside a group, and they can negatively influence the way an employee perform their daily chores. However, a well-set meeting can be a platform for the colleagues to share their side of the story. Also, the employee can avoid similar situations in the future. 

Better Decisions Making 

Much like the conflict resolution, the meeting also helps with better decision making in the company.  Meetings open doors for the members to talk about an issue, get them clarified and finally bring changes in the undertakings. A good leader realizes the importance of incorporating employees or external business public in the decision-making process. 

Better Participation of Team Members

Project goals are constantly talked and discussed in meetings. As a team leader, meetings give you an opportunity to explain to your fellow members how their tasks add to the general objective of the company. When employees clearly understand their tasks and goals, they get more motivated to work, realizing their importance in the company.

Saving Time, Effort, and Money 

As decisions are made quicker and employees more occupied with their work, it’s evident that organization assets (resources) are put to great use. The company need not conduct more meetings just to determine an issue or re-clarify venture objectives.

Now, let us see how Odoo ERP module helps in managing business meetings in the most advanced manner. 

To manage the same, Odoo-the comprehensive business management app has introduced Odoo Calendar Module. Using the module application, the businesses can easily manage their Internal and External meeting schedules.

The scheduled meetings can be easily viewed from the calendar view. Here, one can also view the Meeting name alongside, the Attendees or the participants of the meeting. The calendar view can be seen in different formats such as in accordance with a Day, Week or a Month. These views make it highly helpful for the business managers also the employees, to look in their schedules and plan accordingly.  

An overview of all meetings scheduled for a particular time period is shown here. 


One can either create the meeting in form view or the calendar view. All you need to do is enter the attendees also the starting time of the meeting. In addition, one can also add tags and location of the meeting for quick lookout. 

In order to assure the schedule reaches every attendee's desk, a reminder can be set. This action triggers a reminder mail or notification to every attendee. 


In order to view the meetings where you alone are the participant or attendee, you can use the ‘My Meetings’ filter.


Via choosing calendar in day mode, one can schedule hourly meetings, giving a display of meetings scheduled for the day.


An email notification will likewise be sent to each of the Attendees, making sure that participants (internal and external people) are very much aware of the meetings that are booked. Notwithstanding that, the meetings will be added to the calendar view of the attendees/ participants enabling them to view their meetings every now and then.

Isn’t it that helpful? Odoo ERP makes sure that every need of the business is met in its precise way. Be it the management of the business meeting, business accounts, and finance, human resource, customer relations or any other, Odoo fulfills every business requirement. 

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