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By: Sayooj ao

Odoo 13 Technical Features

Functional Odoo 13

Odoo 13 comes up with many new features like new module additions, deletions, and migrations (Community -> Enterprise and vice-versa).In this blog, we can discuss the major technical features and some of the functional features coming in Odoo 13. The below features are not from the stable version, it is based on the latest commits. The stable version of Odoo 13 is expected to be released next month i.e. October 2019.

a. Model Merges
    1. account.invoice -> account.move
    2. account.invoice.line -> account.move.line
    3. account.invoice.tax -> account.move.line
    4. account.voucher -> account.move
    5. account.voucher.line -> account.move.line

b. Module Additions
1. Account Analytic Defaults for expenses(account_analytic_default_hr_expense).
    a) Set default values for your analytic accounts on your HR expenses.
    b) Allows to automatically select analytic accounts based on product.

2. Attachments List and Document Indexation(attachment_indexation)
    a) Show attachment on top of the forms.
    b) Document Indexation: odt.

3. Lead Generation From Website Visits(crm_iap_lead_website)
    a) Create Leads/Opportunities from your website's traffic.         
4. SMS in CRM(crm_sms)
    a) Add SMS capabilities to CRM. 
5. SMS on Events(event_sms)
    a) Schedule SMS in event management.     
6. Employee Presence Control(hr_presence) 
    a) Allows to contact directly the employee in case of unjustified absence.
    b) Based on
        > The IP Address
        > The User's Session
        > The Sent Emails       
7. Fleet History(hr_fleet)
    a) Get history of driven cars for employees.     
8. Skills Management(hr_skills)
    a) Manage skills, knowledge and resumé of your employees. 
9. Skills e-learning(hr_skills_slides)
    a) This module add completed courses to the resumé of employees. 
10. Skills Certification(hr_skills_survey)
    a) This module add certification to the resumé of employees. 
11) SMS Marketing(mass_mailing_sms)
    a) Design, send and track SMS.     
12. Accounting - MRP(mrp_account)
    a) Cost structure report.
    b) Also, allows computing the product cost based on its BoM, using the costs of its components and work center operations. It adds a button on the product itself, but also an action in the list view of the products. If the automated inventory valuation is active, the necessary accounting entries will be created.   
13. MRP Subcontracting(mrp_subcontracting)
    a) Subcontract Productions

14. Subcontracting Management with StockValuation(mrp_subcontracting_account)
    a) This bridge module allows managing subcontracting with valuation.

15. Dropship and Subcontracting Management(mrp_subcontracting_dropshipping)
    a) This bridge module allows managing subcontracting with the dropshipping module.

16. Epson ePOS Printers in PoS(pos_epson_printer)
    a) Use Epson ePOS Printers without IoT Box in the Point of Sale.

17. Epson Printers as Order Printers(pos_epson_printer_restaurant)
    a) Use Epson Printers as Order Printers in the Point of Sale without IoT Box.

18. Link module between Point of Sale and HR(pos_hr)
    a) This module adds the possibility to log in to the PoS with employees using barcode, pin, or both. The PoS still requires one user, but it can have an unlimited number of employees.

19. Product Matrix(product_matrix)         
20. Purchase Matrix(purchase_product_matrix)
    a) This module allows to fill Purchase Orders rapidly by choosing product variants quantity through a Grid Entry.

21. Sale Coupon(sale_coupon)
    a) Integrate coupon mechanism in sales orders.
    b) Allows to use discount coupons in sales orders.   
22. Sale Coupon Delivery(sale_coupon_delivery)                            
    a) Integrate coupon mechanism with shipping costs.
    b) Allows to offer free shipping in coupon reward.     
23. Sale Product Configurator(sale_product_configurator)
    a) Technical module installed when the user checks the "module_sale_product_configurator" setting. The main purpose is to override the sale_order view to allow configuring products in the SO form.
    b) It also enables the optional products feature.

24. Sale Matrix(sale_product_matrix)
    a) This module allows to fill Sales Order rapidly by choosing product variants quantity through a Grid Entry.

25. Sales Timesheet Purchase(sale_timesheet_purchase)
    a) Allows to access purchase orders from Project Overview.
    b) Bridge module between Sales Timesheet and Purchase.

26. Stock - SMS(stock_sms)
    a) Send text messages when final stock move.

27. Website profile (website_profile)
    a) Allows to access the website profile of the users and see their statistics (karma, badges, etc..)

28. Coupons & Promotions for eCommerce(website_sale_coupon)
    a) Create coupon and promotion codes to share in order to boost your sales (free products, discounts, etc.). Shoppers can use them in the eCommerce checkout.
    b) Coupon & promotion programs can be edited in the Catalog menu of the Website app.
29. Sell Courses(website_sale_slides)
    a) Sell your courses using the e-commerce features of the website.

30. Forum on Courses(website_slides_forum)
    a) A slide channel can be linked to forum. Also, profiles from slide and forum are regrouped together.

31. Course Certifications(website_slides_survey)
    a) This module lets you use the full power of certifications within your courses.

32. Free Delivery with Coupon on eCommerce(website_sale_coupon_delivery)
    a) Allows to offer free shipping in coupon reward on eCommerce.

33. Website Sale Product Configurator(website_sale_product_configurator)
    a) Bridge module to make the website e-commerce compatible with the product configurator.

34. Website Sale Stock Product Configurator(website_sale_stock_product_configurator).
    a) Bridge module to make the website e-commerce stock management compatible with the product configurator.

c. Module Deletions
    1. account_voucher (merged into account)
    2. crm_phone_validation (merged into crm)
    3. crm_reveal (renamed to crm_iap_lead_website)
    4. decimal_precision (merged into base)
    5. delivery_hs_code (merged into delivery)
    6. document (renamed to attachment_indexation)
    7. hr_payroll(moved to enterprise)
    8. hw_scanner (merged into hw_drivers)
    9. mrp_byproduct (merged into mrp)
    10. survey_crm (merged into survey)
    11. web_settings_dashboard (merged into base_setup)
    12. website_crm_phone_validation (merged into website_crm)
    13. website_form_editor (merged into website_editor)[was moved from enterprise]
    14. website_survey (merged into survey)

Features at a glance 

a. Additional Applications
    1. Field Service Management
    2. Referral App
    3. Approval App
    4. Skill Management
    5. E-Learning
    6. Employee Presence Control
    7. Rental Management 

b. Change In Application
    1. Payroll removed from community
    2. Sales coupon brought under community
    3. Website builder brought under community                

c. New Widgets
    1. Signature widget
    2. Calculator widget
    3. Ribbon widget

d. Tree View Improvements
    1. It is possible to disable the Import feature of tree view by defining. 
<tree import="0"/>
    2. Mass editing is now possible in editable tree views.
<tree editable="bottom">
    3. Can hide or see the optional columns in the tree view dynamically.

e. Some Functional Features
 1. “Is a Customer” and “Is a Vendor” fields are removed. Now a contact will define both customer and vendor by default.

2. An option for attachment is added in the website chatter.


3. Creation of employee from the user.


4. “Buy Now” button in odoo shop.


5. Discussion gets a history button.


6. Preference changed to “My Profile.”


7. Customizing Document layout.


8. Option for displaying lot/serial number of the product in invoices or delivery slips.


9. Option for applying Coupons, Promotions, and Shipping in the sales.


10. Settings dashboard is removed.


11. Timesheet is added to the portal.


12. Log in to the POS via Employee(Earlier version it is via User).


13. Restricted product category in POS.


14. Product grid configurator.   


Learn more from Odoo 13 user documentation.

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Jeremy Knauff

Wonderful work! That is the kind of information that are meant to be shared around the web. Disgrace on Google for now not positioning this publish upper! Come on over and visit my web site . Thanks =)





im working in a migration to odoo14 , there was a query to update registration_key , a field from account.invoice, this one replaced for account.move, but account.move doesnt have registration_key, there is a field that replace registration_key in account.move???





do you ever noticed ?The product.price.history is also removed from product.





I am not getting account consolidation module in Odoo 13 community edition.





do you ever noticed ?The product.price.history is also removed from product.




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