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By: Asaf Muhsin

Odoo ERP for Fleet Management

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A proper controlling and monitoring system is required for the use of institutional vehicles. A strategic approach with a distinctive system can help an institution to keep track of every movement of the vehicle. This will ensure the safety of the vehicle as well as improve the efficacy of the vehicles. 

The movement of staff and students of an educational institution can be organized with ease if a proper fleet management system is in place. A large majority of the educational institutions, hospitals, and other institutions are using their own vehicles for transporting employees. Besides, the institutions also make use of a number of goods carriages for various purposes. 

Why do you need an ERP for fleet management?

An ERP can bring every aspect of institutional vehicles under a common control system. It helps you to manage the operations of the vehicles with ease. Enterprise Resource Planning Software will help to manage the operations of all vehicles in a simple way. The management of vehicle details, driver details, staff, and students depending on a particular vehicle and the details of the routes, which is a tough task if done the manual way, becomes effortless if you are using an ERP. 

Odoo ERP for fleet management

Every educational institution will have a fleet of vehicles for transporting students and staff members. Odoo can help the management set aside all their worries about vehicle management after adopting Odoo Fleet Management System.

Odoo can simplify the systematic operation of these vehicles with automated systems. The cloud-based enterprise resource planning software will help the management to keep track of each and every vehicle. 

The institutions will not have to outsource the task or consider it a herculean task once the management start using Odoo Fleet management. 


Documentation of the starting time of the vehicle, the number of students boarding a vehicle, the stops, the endpoint, and all other details can be documented if you are using Odoo ERP. 

Odoo offers best support for fleet management as it can easily be integrated with other Odoo modules. The comprehensive monitoring of all operations related to the transportation of students and staff can be managed if you are using Odoo for the purpose. Odoo is the most suited fleet management system for an education institution at it ensures auto alert generation and traceability. Besides, the system can integrate many other features like maintenance calendar management and repair schedule preparation. 

Besides, Odoo systematize various operations involved in fleet management including finance management, tracking of the movement of the vehicle, maintenance and repair management, fuel use record management, speed management, and safety aspect management. 

Let us take a look at the features of Odoo Fleet management

It can be used to manage 

1) Vehicles- New requests for a vehicle, ordered vehicle details, details of registered vehicles, and other categories can be created.

2) Vehicle odoometre- To record the time and date of departure, vehicle number, and other details, driver details, and total distance traveled.

3) Vehicle costs- To get details of all expenses on the vehicle

4) Vehicle contracts- If the vehicle is leased on the contract all details can be documented.

5) Vehicle fuel logs- Fuel consumption can be recorded

6) Vehicle service logs- All records regarding the service of the vehicle can be documented

7) Vehicle model- vehicle model details can be recorded and documented


Now let us take a look at the benefits of the features of Odoo Fleet Management

Odoo for Vehicle Maintenance

Odoo fleet management can help you manage a maintenance calendar for your vehicles. It will help to undergo timely annual vehicle tests. It can also generate alerts for undergoing no-pollution certificate, road tax payment, and all other technical formalities. This will ease the work pressure of the person who is coordinating the activities of the fleet. It can also help you manage the annual maintenance calendar and details of the persons who are responsible to ensure the maintenance work. It can also support the sub-contracting of maintenance work to an outside agency. The management of the documents of the subcontractors is also made simple with Odoo. 


Odoo and Safety

Odoo offers a system that is very focussed on safety aspects. An educational institution is responsible to ensure the safety of the students. Hence, the Odoo ERP provides facilities for ensuring the timely inspection of vehicles for its fitness. The repair and replacement of the speed regulatory systems, wheels, and other parts could also be checked using Odoo. Odoo Fleet management is sure to avoid risk with the timely replacement of parts.


Cost management

Timely management of maintenance and timely compliance with the government regulations and policies save an institution from wasting money. Timely maintenance will prevent the damage of a part. At the same time, policy compliance will help the management to avoid wastage of money in terms of fine.


Monitor driver details

Odoo Fleet management can be integrated with other Odoo modules. It can be integrated with the Internet of Things (IoT) to enable the management to keep track of drivers' operations. The speed of the vehicle and biometric analysis of the crew can be done with Odoo's support. The institution can also use the live tracking facility to track the movement of the vehicle to ensure the safety of the students. 


The effective fleet force management operation 

The Odoo Fleet management system can easily be integrated with the human resource management module of Odoo for workforce management. The drivers and assistants can be listed out and their work hours can be scheduled using the software support. Odoo can also manage leave, attendance, and insurance of the drivers of the vehicles. The performance review of the drivers, based on the character, speed and other aspects can be monitored if the institution is depending on Odoo for ERP solution.


Route management

Odoo helps the institution to manage the route of every vehicle used for transporting students. The distance and the stops can be listed. The crew members could also be listed based on the area. The re-deployment of vehicles based on the number of students depending on the service can be managed with Odoo. It helps to manage,

a) Pick and drop management

b) Student detail management

c) Time management

d) Route management

Benefits of Fleet management system

Odoo fleet management helps an institution to systematically store the following details

1) The type of vehicle

2) The number of passengers permitted

3) Maintenance records

4) Tax documents

5) Driver information

6) Vehicle specification

7) Vehicle model

8) Information on installed devices

9) History of vehicle including accident history and insurance documents

10) Fuel consumption details

11) Speed ??record


Permit management

Keep a record of permit conditions with Odoo. Odoo also helps in carrying all permit-related documents. Vehicle fitness details, passenger number management, maintenance records, and other details can be managed with ease.

Odoo fleet management can help you easily schedule and reschedule trips during exam days. The use of the vehicles for study trips and other purposes can also be managed with ease using the fleet management facility. The use of the same vehicle for carrying out different trips also gets organized with Odoo.

Odoo also supports a user to get quick access to the contact details of the driver. Besides, the character and history of the driver can also be stored in the document. The odoo fleet management system is capable of managing any number of vehicles accurately. 

Besides, it supports cost management and indicative cost management. Report generation on costs and indicative costs is also possible. 


The fleet management also allows the user to document the details including the details of the vehicle manufacturer, service type, contract type, and vehicle status, and vehicle tags.

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