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By: Evin Davis

Customization The Best Feature Of Odoo


Customization the word which demonstrates luxury when heard first Due to the aspect that it been much more linkable to automotive and accessories. Every day you hear about customized vehicles or of a celebrity being customizing their vehicles with a huge ton of money involving gold and diamonds. Customization in the world has another side too that is not only done as a luxury or to showcase the wealth but it can also be beneficial to the owners on various needs that they possess.

On the other hand, customizability is the best feature among various products and services as it provides a unique aspect to showcase and work on. Moreover, these features can come in handy while operating on them. In addition, some products and services are customized to meet the needs and aspects of an existing product, service, or an operational methodology. Such is the case of Odoo ERP software which provides provision for its users and developers to accumulate the platform for a type of business operation.

The customizability and adaptability of the Odoo platform are considered as the main advantage which overweights the software over its competitors. Which in turn is responsible for the reachability of software to various business applications.

Sales and purchase aspects of the business
The sales and purchase operations of any business may differ and depend upon the operational methodologies of the company. The Odoo platform provides the provision to control how the orders and quotations are being generated and sent. The payment options can be customized as per various methodologies such as direct payment or down payment in aspects of by percentage or a fixed amount. The invoice generation aspects of the business can be customized as per the payment methodology being initiated. 

Inventory operations
The inventory aspects of the business should have a descriptive rule and regulations upon which they should be acting. The Odoo platform s inventory module allows the users to generate rules of product movement which can be integrated with the root of operations. All these aspects can be well customized as per the needs of the operation. The push and pull rules terminology in Odoo runs the aspects of product movement which can also be customized for all the product locations. In addition, the platform provides various picking methods that can be customized as per the user's needs in various inventory and warehouse locations.

Employee management
HR management is an aspect of the company which would be derived with at most care and should have complete control and management by the managers or the concerned executives. The Odoo platform with the HR management module which provides the provision to manage the operation of the employees and staff as per the operational methodologies of the company. The recruitment operations can be customized as per the needs with the job posting options for social media and website the options available in Odoo allows the users to manage the operations of the recruitment as per the company terminologies.

IoT integration
The Internet of things, which is the future of operation in the form of a company as the world is developing at a fast pace with the usage of gadgets and biometric devices, has increased in everyday life. Considering this aspect in mind the Odoo developers have designed the IoT integration system and module which allows the users to connect with various IoT devices for the operation of the business. The Odoo platform allows the users to integrate the existing third-party devices which could be helpful in running the business operations. The use of biometric scanners such as retinal scanning, fingerprint scanner, or unique pin identification has paved the way for integrating various security protocols that can be customized into the platform and therefore to the operation of the company.

Export and import data functionality
Migration to Odoo the main concern of the business organizations is how can they execute the operation with the existing contact and the data. The Odoo with the import and export functionality allows the existing data to be integrated into the central data system and the operations can be customized as per the needs of company operation. The import and export operations in Odoo allow the users to customize the information shuttering with external sources, which can be limited and restricted to certain aspects of the operation.

The Odoo is one of the best application software for the effective management of company operations that can be customized and made flexible to any format of company operations.

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