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By: Evin Davis

Odoo ERP for Hotel Business

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The hotel accommodation business has been booming since the early century, the requirement of a place to stay for the day to luxurious vacations has developed it to the major business industry. The industry has upgraded from paper-based booking and bookings based on telephone calls and telegrams has been upgraded to online bookings. These online methodologies have made the process of bookings and accommodating the customers much easier for various hotels. As the booking processes started to be online the ability to manage them effectively started to decline thus is the satisfaction factor for the costumes, therefore fading the high-held name of various hotels and accommodation chains.

The hospitality industry satiated to look out for various other methods to process their operations smoothly. Enterprise and resource planning software were of much help to automate the booking process. Since the customizability factor of the software to be integrated with existing systems various ERPs failed to provide the required output and additionally, it gave a hole in the company's finances. Odoo is one of the best ERPs to manage the business of any company can be set as an apt solution to manage the hotel accommodation business.

Odoo is considered as the one-stop solution to all the business needs. Since the software operates from a single platform it allows its users to control the various aspects of the business from inventory, sales, purchase, HR management, etc. The hospitality sector usually deals with bookings, customer satisfaction, employee management, accounting, eCommerce website, transportation, etc. Odoo seems to be the pt solution to perform all the tasks.

Rather than bookings another aspect which the hotels should be worried about is customer satisfaction, which can only be achieved by receiving regular feedback and comments from the customers. The Odoo platform allows users to create feedback surveys to obtain descriptive points and tips on how to improve their services.

This blog will describe how to run a hotel accommodation business in Odoo at various aspects of operation such as:

Customer relations,
Ecommerce website and bookings,
HR management
Services and dining and
Accounting and invoicing.

Customer Relations

Maintaining an intact and healthier relationship with all the customers can help the hotels to obtain greater business opportunities for the existing ones. The use of complimentary offers and discounts will allow the customers to be pleased and to recommend their friends and relatives to consider the hotel for their next vacation. The Oddo user can plan and conduct scheduled activities such as meetings, video conferencing, email communication to maintain the relationships. With the help of feedback surveys and other suggestion servers, the company can obtain tips and points of feedback on how to improve their business. The Odoo platform has a separate CRM (customer relationship management) module which will manage all the customer relation operations performed by the company.

Ecommerce Website and Bookings

A hotel business should nowadays have a website for the bookings and purchase options available to the customer. The Odoo platform allows the users to create customized e-commerce websites and manage and monitor them to run your hotel business in an efficient manner. It allows the user to showcase the various room options available and the availability at the instance. Various offers and discounts can be customized into certain products or all with the help of discount options or availability of promo code. The eCommerce websites allow the various portal users to register and create accounts for the future operation. With the payments being integrated with the various gateway options available based on the region and locality which can be configured with the website. The customers can also be provided with the provision to order foods and refreshments to their accommodation rooms while in the hotel via the websites. The company can also avail of the option of choosing the cuisine of food that the customers can choose from on the website.

The bookings done online can be easily registered and the booked rooms will be automatically removed from the availability. The information of the customers can be kept strictly confidential at all times and can only be viewed by the hotel staff. The Odoo also allows onsite bookings through the point of sale auction at the hotel as per the availability and the bookings via emails and calls as the old fashioned manner if the company has provided to do so.

HR Management

The employee management of a hotel administration should be able to effectively manage its human resources to the full potential. The Odoo platform allows its user to create shifts and assign duties to all the employees of the administration. The hotel floss and lobbies can be associated with the various cleaning staff, waiters and waitresses, etc. The platform also helps the user in the recruitment process from posting job openings at company websites and various social media platforms to allocating duties to the hired employees based on the skill set, professional and educational qualifications. The platform assists the user in managing the leave requests and the time off request along with the vacations for each employee.

Services and Dining

Since the hotel accommodation business is allowing various services that will be complementary or allocated with the room bookings to keep up with the competition the Odoo platform will allow the user to manage these services. The website module of Odoo will help the user to showcase the services provided to the customer in the e-commerce websites along with the discount options and the coupons programmes. The services can be closely monitored with the help of the platform. For instance, if the hotel allows the users with a free car option with driver assistance. The fleet management tool will be helpful in dealing the operations such as managing the vehicle, assigning the drivers, etc.

The dining options in the hotel business are unavoidable the user can allow the customer to dine in the room or can be invited to the restaurant. The customers can order directly from the rooms using the website application and the actions performed in the restaurant kitchen from the orders to delivery can be managed with ease in the Odoo platform.

Accounting and Invoicing.

The accounting operations of the hotel can easily be managed in Odoo with the creation of a chart of accounts managing and managing various ledgers of operation. The various accounting operations such as tax deduction, calculation and allocation can be performed in the Odoo platform. The fiscal year creation and management can be easily done in the Odoo platform. 

The invoicing function in Odoo allows the user to generate invoices for the rooms, services provided, and the dining. The food items served can be allocated to the room numbers and can be attached to the room invoice. The invoices generated can be handed over directly in hand or can be sent to the customer via emails.

Running a hotel accommodation business in Odoo can allow the users to perform all the operations with ease and the tasks to be performed with various aspects of the business. In a way Odoo can be considered as the best tool to automate and manage all the operations of the company.

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