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Odoo ERP for Meat Processing Units

Functional Manufacturing

Meat processing units have a large scope in the present era with increasing demand for processed meat. The demand for processed and packed meat is on the rise across the globe with the busy lifestyle and work style of people. Many prefer ready to cook meat products for easy and delicious food. 

Meat processing units can surely make an impact in the market by offering the best quality meat products. The best customer support system offered by the meat industry can also play a crucial role in improving the business. 


How can ERP help meat processing units?

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software is a cloud-based platform that can offer a complete solution for a business. In the same way, meat processing units can make the maximum use of Enterprise Resource Planning software to improve purchase sale and processing. 

What is more, ERP can support every aspect of the meat processing business from the purchase of cattle to the delivery of quality products. Improve productivity and profitability of meat processing units with ERP. 


Benefits of Odoo ERP for Meat Processing Units

Odoo is open-source software. It provides a complete solution for all business requirements. Odoo helps you integrate different departments. It can help you trace the movement of products from the purchase stage to the delivery stage. 

Odoo ERP has different modules for controlling different operations of an industry. The integration of all these modules is also possible. Odoo integration makes it the best software support.


Odoo ERP’s features will benefit the meat processing unit to coordinate business in the local market along with the export business. The selection of vendors to the management of client relations can be done with Odoo. 

Odoo has many modules including Odoo Quality, Odoo purchase, Odoo marketing, Odoo sales, and Odoo HRMS. Besides, it has a separate module for payroll management, inventory management, accounting, and other activities. 

Let us take a look at the different modules of Odoo and the features of Odoo that can benefit the meat processing units.

Purchase Management

The Odoo purchase module will help you generate quotations, send quotations, and generate purchase orders. It will ease your difficulties in manually generating quotations. It can help you manage quotation templates and generate purchase orders effectively. Odoo purchase management is the best software support for the meat processing industry as it can help you automate the quote selection process. Order management, placing of the order, and other activities can also be done with Purchase. 


Manage the Product Life cycle

The meat processing industry requires the best PLM management ERP. Odoo being an open-source software can offer you extensive support for PLM management. It can be used to evaluate the life cycle of a meat product. Besides, this feature turns useful while fixing expiry dates. Shelf-life management, change order management and other aspects become simple with Odoo PLM. Documentation of PLM details can also be done with Odoo.

Bill of Materials

Being a food industry, Meat processing units can manage recipes and other materials with the help of a bill of materials. It will help you fix the price of the final product by evaluating the price of each component used in the food processing activity.

The BOM feature of Odoo can help you document the changes in the components used for meat processing. Besides, the component list also allows you to track the flow of work at the work centers.


Ensure the quality of processed meat

For every food processing industry, quality is the prime task. The food safety industry has to comply with a set of food safety standards. The rules existing in the country where the processing unit is operating has to be followed strictly. Besides, during the export business, they have to meet the standards set by the country with which they are engaging in business. Odoo quality control mechanism provides you with the best support to meet the standards.

Odoo offers quality checks, quality control points, and alert generation and management. It helps auto-generation of quality alerts at different stages of processing. The management of the quality control team also is made possible with ERP support. 

Odoo can also support recalling products from the market after the expiry date. The quality alert is possible even after the sale of the product and on receiving complaints about a product the unit can recall the whole batch from the market. 


Finance Management

Finance management at different levels is made possible with Odoo accounts. IT helps you to reduce the expenses on the purchase amount by planning a purchase. The quotation management and vendor management ensure the availability of quality raw material at a low price. 

Besides, the payment for purchased products, collection of sold-out products and salary and other expenses can be managed with ease with the Odoo platform. It can help you to ensure maximum utilization of the workforce. Optimization of work hours can also be done with ERP support.  Real-time monitoring and review also enable to improve the capacity of the work center.

Sale Management

The supply chain comprises everything from purchase to the delivery of the finished goods. Odoo ERP can effectively improve supply chain management by improving sales activities. The sale order collection, sorting, and organizing become easy with Odoo. It helps the investor to manage the list of retailers who purchase the product from the unit. Regular communication with retailers can also be done with the help of software support. Shipment activity and delivery by organizing the details of shipping firms can also be done with Odoo.


Machinery Management

The meat processing industry requires cold storage facilities and other machinery support for processing. Odoo Maintenance module helps in maintaining the machinery with regular checking and repair. The maintenance module also supports managing annual maintenance contracts. It can also coordinate the technical wing of the unit. 



Track the movement of livestock, raw meat, and processed meat. Odoo can help you track the movement with the help of a lot number and batch number. The movement of processed meat from the work center to inventory and management of shelf life can be done with Odoo ERP. The traceability feature also helps to document the process and track the product until its delivery to the retailer. 

Lot number and batch number can be managed without any difficulty using ERP software. Odoo also helps you integrate barcoding facilities in the sale activity. 

Inventory Management

The meat industry deals with the sale of food products. It is a key player in the food business. As the finished products are perishable the business sector requires a comprehensive support system for the management of the product at the inventory. Odoo’s inventory module can help you to manage the stock and manage shelf life of products at inventory. Besides, temperature control at the inventory to preserve the product can also be ensured with Odoo support. This will avoid damage to food products. The waste generation will also be reduced as the products will be delivered based on their manufacturing date. Odoo can also help you in multiple warehouse management. 


Order Management

Odoo can help you in many ways. Order management is such an area. You have to manage purchase order, manufacturing order, work order, sale order every day if you are into the meat industry. Here, Odoo ERP extends your support to manage all types of orders. It helps to manage the purchase payment, vendor bills, sale amount, receivable and payable amounts. The user can get an overview of all these documents with a click.



Every business needs the best marketing strategy for surviving in the industry. So is the meat processing industry. Marketing management and the coordination of marketing wings decide the success of the meat industry. An ERP can help you solve all these problems. IT helps to manage customer details, offer prices, and special offers. 


Email marketing support of Odoo can also help your business grow. Mailing list management of clients and data management can ease product campaign struggles.

Cybrosys is here to extend support to provide custom ERP for your needs. We offer consultancy services as well as help you in implementing the software. You can check our other blogs to know more about manufacturing ERP, Odoo Inventory, Odoo Accounting, Odoo CRM, and Odoo maintenance.  

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