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By: Evin Davis

Law Firm Management with Odoo


Legal disputes are rising from day to day with violation of law, corruption, terrorism, and greed for money and acquisition people are fighting among each other. Therefore the cases and settlements took up to the courtroom have increased and so do the personnel belonging to the law department of every country. Lawyers and other investors who have foreseen a business opportunity in this development have established legal advisory and law firms which could take up your case and plead in the court in favor of the client.

This development scenario led to the development of various legal and law firms in and around the world and with apt credibility and proven achievements cases started pouring up to these firms. A client puts his / her trust in a lawyer by considering the previous cases won or by the credibility of his performance inside the courtroom. As these first started to grow from one office to multiple offices at various locations and countries the manageably also decreased and the methodology of functioning under a single umbrella methodology disappeared. Considering the new development the investors and managers started to hunt for the management solutions which could bring all the aspects of the firm under one tree.

A management solution that could also automate the operations of the company could be an added advantage. On the contrary, Odoo is one of the best management ERP which has been developed to tailor the needs of the user was performing well on all the aspects of the business. Since the legal secretary needed at most customization and management methodologies to be described like no other operational business the impact of Odoo in this sector was very low. However, considering the need for a legal firm management tool the Odoo developers have designed and developed a legal case management module specifically to tailor the user needs.

This blog will provide insight on how the Odoo legal management tool would provide advanced management options of the firm with salient features such as

HR management

Case registration,

Schedule meetings with clients,

Documentation, and

Management payments

HR management

Employee management is an integral part of the operation in a company so is in the case of a legal firm. The management of the operation and working of the lawyers should be followed up with an effective work schedule and duty allocation. The legal management module of the Odoo platform provides the users with the provision of creating employees mentioned as lawyers and support staff and allocating cases and duties for each one of them. The employees can also be hired based on a contract for a resistant client or case which would be under the supervision of the company.

Case registration

Cases in a legal firm are like products of a company, which should be dealt with and operated on for attaining better results. The legal management module of the Odoo platform provides the provision to the users to create various cases, provide descriptive details on them, allocate lawyers and supporting staff, choose a deadline and describe the court date allocation details.

Schedule meetings with clients

As the saying goes never lie to your doctor and lawyer. It's the information from the clients and the details of the case which has been heard and derived by the lawyer come as help in the courtroom in favor. Hence it's essential to conduct meetups and meetings with the client and respective lawyers. The legal management module of the Odoo platform allows its users to schedule meetings and other activities such as calls, emails, and communication methods to pass on the information. As the information and data are more confidential to the client and the firm they are usually pre-arranged which can be effectively done in Odoo.


Another aspect of vital importance and confidentiality in a case are the documents and paperwork related to it. The Odoo platform's legal management tool along with the documents application allows the users to save it in a central database that operates on a highly secure security protocol. The documents of possession, proof, and many more even the minute details of the case can be saved in the database. In addition, in need, these can be printed from the same window and can also be exported to external sources upon verification.

Manage payments

The ultimate aim of any company and employee is to attain remuneration for their work being completed. The Odoo platform s payment gateways allow integration of online payments and cash payments. The salaries for the lawyers can be directly generated from the platform based on the contract which has been agreed upon.

The Odoo legal management tool is the apt solution to manage your legal company effectively and efficiently as the Odoo management software comes as a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective management solution.

If you are interested in Odoo Implementation for your legal firm, kindly drop your message to info@cybrosys.com. We can guide your business to attain greater profit with effective manageability and attain better heights with odoo support.

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