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By: Sanjith

Make Your Website User-Friendly Using Odoo

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The development of technology such as electronic gadgets, wireless communication, data sharing, etc. have paved the way for the development of the online shopping methodology. Nowadays there are various online shopping platforms that have been developed to provide the shopping experience at a click of a button. Various companies have updated their business methodologies to eCommerce websites to provide a better shopping experience for the customers. Due to the extreme competition, customers are filtering the eCommerce websites based on the offers, rewards, and shopping experience. Easier is the interface of listing out the products and purchasing them the trend of customers to revisit the same platform is much higher.

The customer experience of the eCommerce website can be improved based on various aspects such as visual aids. Provisioning the details and informative descriptions in a suitable viewing and attractive color contract will enlighten the customers. Additionally, the descriptions and reviews should be up to the point describing the much-needed details for the customers rather than providing much more descriptive details. The more user-friendly and attractive it becomes the traffic to your website will increase therefore the customers to your business.

Various management software has helped the business organizations in this digital era to manage and operate the various aspects of the company effectively. Enterprise and resource planning (ERPs) software have paved the way for automating the business operations and providing an effective management strategy for the smooth running of the company. Odoo is one of the best ERPs available in the market these days has outweighed the other based on various additional advantages available in Odoo. The Odoo software operates from a single platform and makes it easy to manage all the operations effectively. Additionally, the customizability and flexibility feature available in Odoo helps the software to be implemented in any sort of business.

This blog will describe on how to modify or set up your Odoo eCommerce website to be attractive and user friendly with Odoo by considering the various aspects of the platform:

Website Builder and Design

Product Listing

Payment Strategies and methodologies

Live chat

Website Builder and Design

A memorable and attractive design of the website for a company will always provide them with much achievement of customers. The Odoo platform provides the users with the option to create their own Odoo eCommerce website and design them according to their attributes straight away from the platform. The website module provides the users with the provision to create and design it with the help of the website builder application available. External files such as images, video, and audio contents can be added to the website description using the same builder. The required pages and form can also be added to the website and the customizable windows can be added to the dashboard.

Product Listing

The listing of all the products available in the company by sorting out the variants and type will be effective in providing a precise insight for the customers. The Odoo platform allows the user to describe the various product variants and types separately to provide a great user interface. Additionally, the platform allows the users to provide optional products for the mail products being viewed on the same page. Moreover, the platform allows the users to depict accessory products to the main product which can be customizable set to the respective products by the user. This methodology in Odoo ensures that the customers are provided with various options and additional products which could come in handy with the main product.

Payment Strategies and Methodologies

It's always better to provide the customers with various payment strategies that allow them to purchase the product on various payment strategies derived by the company. Options such as EMI payments and down payments will help the customers to purchase the products without worrying about the full payment at the instance. The Odoo platform allows the users to set up various payment strategies such as the full amount at purchase, full amount at delivery. Down payments by a fixed amount and down payments with a fixed percentage.

Additionally, the payment gateways and methodologies would bring in many more customers. The provision of online payments will be much helpful for the customers in this scenario of digitalization. Additionally, the integration of various payment gateways such as Paytm, PayPal, and other virtual wallet services will be much helpful for the customers.

Live chat

The salesperson methodology in a shop is always helpful to the customers in understanding the product and for up-selling at certain instances for the company. The live chat functionality in an eCommerce website will be much helpful in providing the customers with virtual salesperson assistance. The Odoo platform allows the users to set up the live chat functionality for the eCommerce platform which is much helpful to the customers. The operations and the employees assigned to the functionality can be effectively managed in the company.

The Odoo platform can provide an effective design and structure for your website and can be effective in managing the operation methodologies of the website as well as the entire company.

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