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By: Sumaiba

Resource Management with Odoo


It is always more important to maintain the things in your hand effectively than attaining new ones. As with limited investment and control the resources at your disposal can be managed effectively rather than spending larger amounts on new resources which will ultimately end up unused or not managed properly. Effective management of in house resources or the ones at your disposal can lead to higher profits. As the companies begin to grow rapidly the manageability of the aspects of business states to decrease. The equity of the company along with its workers and multiple locations cannot be effectively managed by the investors and managers.

With the development in time as the automation software started to develop which could simplify the management actions of the companies. Enterprise and resource planning software (ERPs) seemed to show promising results from its development stages in the late twentieth century. The ERPs are effective management tools that will help the users in the management operations of the company in all aspects of the business. These management software can provide the users with high productivity and performance thus yield a higher profit.

Odoo is one of the best open source ERP which is an affordable and reliable handy tool for the management of the business operations of a company. The main advantage of the Odoo platform is that the software can be customized as per the company's operational needs and can be integrated into any form of business operations which in turn overweighs other ERPs. Odoo operating from a single platform has a central database for information storage which is effective in information exchange and transfer between departments. In addition, the platform follows a strict security protocol with the users of unique pin identification while for employee login and log out thus restricting unauthorized access to the platform.

This blog will describe how effectively the Odoo platform will be able to manage your resources on various aspects such as:

Multiple companies

If your organization is a corporation that owns multiple companies the management of each and every aspect of the companies may be tiresome. However, the Odoo platform allows users to manage multiple companies from the same single software. The feature in Odoo allows users to manage the operations, coordinate them, and interlink all the operations of all the companies at your disposal. In addition, the website management tool for Odoo provides provision for the users to manage multiple company websites and eCommerce platforms of the various companies being enlisted in Odoo software.

Multiple warehouse operations

Warehouse management is an inevitable aspect of any company operation, while if it is to manage multiple warehouses what will be the methodologies? The Odoo software will be an efficient management tool for the management of multiple warehouses of a company or a corporation. The software allows effective product movement across multiple websites in various locations which can be coordinated with the fleet management of the company. All the aspects of the inventory operations in these multiple warehouse locations can be effectively managed in the Odoo platform.

Employee management

Opening with various resources and multiple companies at different locations the main problem to be facing will be that of employee management. The HR management module of the Odoo platform allows the users to manage the entire fleet of staff on all aspects of the operation from their recruitment to their salary payment. The plot's advance features in the staff management help the users to allocate duties and job roles to the employee on considering their skills both academic and experience of the candidates.


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Equity management

Finance management can be a hectic task while operating on multiple companies' principles. The accounting and financial functionalities of the Odoo platform allows the user with the ability to manage all the finances and chart of accounts. The platform puts forward a promising and reliable methodology for users to operate the financial aspects of the company in an ineffective and efficient manner. With advanced options such as fiscal year settings, payment methodologies, managing charts of accounts, managed ledgers on all operations of the company, and many more the Odoo ERP software has the apt accounting tool for all the operations of the company.

Project planning

The project planning tool of the Odoo platform allows users to create and plan projects and initiatives based on the company's business operations. These projects can have advanced planning options that help the users to involve all their resources available at their disposal. In the case of multiple company operations, various companies can be used to drive the project and can be grouped together under an umbrella.


The Odoo platform is an efficient, effective, reliable, adaptable, and affordable tool for the management of your resources in terms of company, equity, equipment, and all aspects of the business.

If you are interested in Odoo for running your company operations contact us at info@cybrosys.com. We can guide you in implementing Odoo to your business to batting high productivity and profitability in operations. 

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