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By: Evin Davis

Odoo ERP for Pharmaceutical Industry

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The war on diseases and health issues is a long-prevailing one that started from the origins of mankind. As new diseases and disorders are being discovered nowadays it's the humans who should be at most conscious in dealing with them. As the terminology of the medication originated from herbal and ayurvedic methodologies that have developed into chemical-infused tablets and vaccines so is the business that revolves around them has developed. 

Today the pharmaceutical industry is an ever-evolving and upgrading sector that provides us with solutions for these contagious diseases. As the Covid-19 situations are prevailing in the world it's these pharmaceutical sectors that are driving their researchers and testing day and night to attain a vaccine for the prevention of spread virus. Managing the operations of the pharma industry can be hectic especially if it's been driven on a larger scale. 

In the development of time, so does the case of technology which has seen advanced changes in the world. People have started using automated software that could manage the operations of the company with ease. Enterprise and resource planning software (ERPs) are the most advantageous one which could automate the management operations of a company. ERPs are the modern derivations of the automated management solutions for aspects of your business. As the investment in these software has provided the users with more benefits items of profit, productivity, and operational ease these could bring further developments into your company.

Odoo, one of the best ERPs is often mentioned as the one-stop solution for business needs. Operation from a single platform all the operations of a company can be controlled and monitored from a single system. Additionally, the platform stores all the data in a single database making it accessible at various stages of operations of the company. In addition, the customizability feature in Odoo software allows it to be integrated into any form of business and customized to adjust to the operating methodology of the company. Odoo is one of the best ERPs which not only is cost-efficient but also is much more reliable than its competitors.

This blog will provide insight into why Odoo is the best ERP solution to manage your pharmaceutical company in various aspects such as:
Inventory management,
Sales and purchase,
Finance and accounting,
Quality management and
HR management.

Inventory management

The inventory of a pharmaceutical industry should be effectively managed both in the aspect of raw materials and the finished products. The various chemicals used for the manufacturing should be contained in prescribed environmental conditions to make them useful, the same as in the case of the tablets and syrups being produced. The Odoo platform has an advanced inventory management module to run the operations of the inventory in the company with the specialized tools and options available. The movement of products within the house, push and pull operations, routes of movement, tracing, and many more all these functionalities can be done in the Odoo inventory management application.

Sales and purchase

The Odoo platform has a separate module for dealing with the sales operation of the company. For a pharmaceutical firm, the sales orders are of utmost importance due to the legal reasons, the Odoo platform provides provision for the users to create these sales orders on various products available and send them to the customers. Moreover, for a retail pharmaceutical store to operate and conduct sales under the company brand the Odoo platform has the point of sales application which allows the users to conduct retail sales.

The purchase application of the Odoo platform helps the users to deal with all purchase operations of the raw materials for production, equipment, and other miscellaneous items. The users can send out purchase quotations to various vendors, describing the raw material requirement which they are willing to purchase. The platform also provides the provision to send out tender notification and count manage the biting operation on each tender.

Finance and accounting

The financial management of any company should be effectively carried out without causing any losses and mismanagement of funds. The Odoo platforms accounting modules helps the users to manage the funds and various financial aspects of the company effectively. The platform allows the users to manage charts of accounts, taxes, fiscal year settings, ledgers of operation, payment methodologies, picking of the products, discounts, offers, and many more. In addition, the accounting module provides provision for the users to create invoices on the sales of the products and services. These can be done at the point of sale aspect at a retail store too. The invoices can be sent out via email or handed directly in hand to the customers.

Quality management 
Considering a pharmaceutical company the quality of a product is an aspect of concern, the medicines should be matched with the standards and regulations and moreover, they should be consumed within the expiration period. The Odoo platform provides the provision to its users to create and manage quality checks at various aspects of the manufacturing process on various parameters that need to be analyzed. Moreover, the lot and serial number functionality in Odoo allows the users to clear out the inventory based on the dates of production and expiry.

HR management

Employee management is an important aspect of any company of operations. The HR management team should be able to manage, monitor and control the operations of all the employees. The Odoo platform has an effective HR management setup which helps the users from posting jobs, recruitment, referral recruitment, shift management, duty allocation, attendance management, time off and leaves management, appraisals, and payroll of each and every employee in your company. In a production environment where they may be exposed to chemicals, the health of each and every employee is a concern and the Odoo platform allows the user to set up reminders and notifications for the health check up of each and every employee considering the case of the pharmaceutical industry.

The Odoo software can be an apt solution for the management of your pharmaceutical company as it can provide the users with a stable, reliable and cost-efficient platform to operate upon.

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