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By: Sayooj ao

Legal Case Management in Odoo


A Legal firm is a business entity formed by one or more 'Lawyers’.The primary service provided by a legal firm is to advise ‘Clients’ about their legal information and issues. The client can be either an individual or a full-fledged business organization.
A legal firm must go through several operations for its well functioning. They need to dive deep into the information about clients, lawyers, case, case registration, sitting details, bill generation, payment of lawyers or more.
Odoo/Open ERP software is an excellent choice when it comes to the field of “Legal Case Management”.
This blog briefly discusses the advantages of using Odoo/Open ERP software for Legal Firm Management.
1) Creating Lawyers and Clients.
2) Featuring Case Registration.
3) Arrange Sittings for the case.
4) Provision to add case-related attachments 
5) Invoicing and Payment of the case.
6) Offering a pivot report.
Creation Of Clients And Lawyers
One can create clients and lawyers from the menu under Masters. For creating a client we have to mark him as a customer as shown in the figure below
legal case management in odoo
And when creating a Lawyer one has to mark him as a lawyer as shown below.
legal case management in odoo
Case Registration
After creating clients and lawyers, one can easily register a case in the legal firm management module. For this, one needs to define certain information details like information about the client, lawyer, case category, case details, sitting date, and name of the court where the case proceedings will take place.
legal case management in odoo
Multiple Sittings For The Case
In some cases we can’t get the final decision of the case, on such occasions we can arrange multiple sittings of the case as shown below.
legal case management in odoo
Adding Attachments and Internal notes
In this module, there is an option for adding the documents or attachments related to the case and also marking internal notes if any.
legal case management in odoo
Invoicing and Payment to the Lawyer
Soon after the case completion, the module provisions the client in making their payment towards the hired lawyer. The end user can click on the button “Create Invoice” to build an Invoice.
legal case management in odoo
Under the invoice form,  one can add the description and the payment amount and later click on the button “Validate” for validation of the invoice.
legal case management in odoo
After the invoice validation, the end user can make the payment to their respective lawyer via clicking the button Register Payment.
legal case management in odoo
After completing the payment, the state will change from open to pay.
legal case management in odoo

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lawyer sonia

This blog on legal case management in Odoo provides valuable insights into streamlining legal processes. The detailed explanation of Odoo's features for case tracking and management is highly informative. It's a must-read for legal professionals seeking an efficient and integrated solution for their practice.




Timothy Dake

Thanks for the educative article but is there a module for the community version of odoo 12?




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