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By: Niyas Raphy

Odoo v13 Roadmap

Functional Odoo 13

After much anticipation, Odoo released the version 12, Odoo v12 last year in Odoo experience and now triggering for Odoo 13. The Odoo v13 is expected to get released during the Odoo experience to be held in 2019. 

So let’s not waste time having a look at the roadmap for the Odoo v13. This blog is written on basis of Odoo 13 road map session presented during the Odoo Experience 2018.

The Key Point that comes to the Odoo 13 Roadmap are:

1) Odoo Bank
2) OCR
3) The accountant as a service
4) Integration with recruitment 
5) Internet of things
6) Stock Management Enhancement
7) Improvement in Maintenance App
8) Track positions
9) Record Attendance
10) Industry Focus

In-App Purchase
Firstly, you will be able to purchase more services directly from your Odoo database that's what Odoo call in-app purchase and it will help you in saving much time because you will be able to integrate it with third-party vendors and directly share the information with them.  You will also save time because the payment is directly made from Odoo. 

The In-App purchase is already there from Odoo v11, so we can expect a lot more services in the coming version like Odoo Bank, where the user can lend some money from Odoo.

Now, let us look at the  Odoo Bank.

Odoo Bank
You know that in order to expand or grow any business, investment is an inevitable factor.  The business has to find some money or investment to progress further and waiting for the bank to lend loan is time-consuming and strenuous. Odoo eradicates this long procedure and simplifies the whole concept via intending to offer loans directly from Odoo. This acts like an easy and fast way to get some cash on the immediate note.

OCR feature already got introduced with Odoo V 12. This helps the end user to scan a record and fetch their data automatically. It also provisions to get it recorded in the system. Suppose if you have a pdf report of the vendor bill that you have received from your vendor, you can just upload the report, the system will get it scanned and record of the pdf in the system making the whole process easier.

The accountant as a Service
If you don't have an accountant beside who knows the Odoo accounting, Odoo helps you in providing a suitable accountant as a substitute for you that will directly work on Odoo. Odoo provides the one who knows how to use Odoo. This eventually saves time and money because you won't have to
transfer your accounting data from root to the other accounting software, as everything will be centralized and you encompass someone who knows the system and knows how to use it.

Integration with Recruitment
Let's take an example, where you could just post one job ad on a recruitment website in one click and post the add on the website such as monster and indeed for example and you know that we are recruiting a lot of people so I think that our HR department would be really happy.

Stock Management
It’s likely to see that Odoo 13 will use the possibilities of the Internet of things(IoT) in stock Management. It may come into vicinity that connecting hardware in the rack/shelves such a way that the hardware will calculate the stock and let you know about the on-hand stock as well as the stock shortage details in real-time.

Here also the IOT is used, so that you can monitor the devices clearly and know the status of each equipment/machine and reduce the downtime of it.

Track Position
Odoo will add the possibility of tracking the Fleet, stock etc lively so that we can know where the stock/products exactly are. Suppose if we have a big warehouse, by tracking it is easy to know where the product exactly is. 

If we take the case of the fleet, we can get the current location of the fleet.

So these are the some of the points in the Odoo 13 RoadMap. You can also refer the video presented during the Odoo experience from this link: 

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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