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By: Evin Davis

Odoo For Food Processing Industry


The food industry is an ever-expanding sector in the world. The population explosion has rooted for the increases in food consumption therefore making the demand for eatables to a much higher stage. Due to the demands and needs the industries are now focusing on preserved, packed, and canned foods that could be used in times of the unavailability of a certain type of seasonal product. Moreover, the fast-moving world has developed the tread of a microwave food culture where the canned food is heated in no time and consumed at a faster pace therefore reducing the time used in preparing them.

Due to the high demand and fast operating environment have contributed to the ineffective management of the industry, which paved the way for the investors to look up to automated softwares to manage the operations. Enterprise and resource planning softwares(ERPs) are keen on operational systems effective in managing business operations. The ERPs operated based on two terminologies on which they have also been classified as one as open-source ERPs and another as non-open source ERPs. The open-source ERPs are more advantageous than the latter with collective information sharing and frequent updates on software terminologies make the users update with the new terminologies of operation.

Odoo is one of the best open source ERP available in the market nowadays is the best suite for managing the operations of the food manufacturing industry. Odoo due to its ability to manage and automate the entire operation of a business is often mentioned as the one-stop solution for the company. Additionally with its adaptability and flexibility features the Odoo software can be carved into any form of business operation and methodology. The customization feature enables the users to manage the business on the platform with ease of operation. Moreover, the software operates on a single platform therefore making the information sharing and exchange within the platform effectively form a single database. Additionally, the cost-efficient automated management system can be a reliable and trustworthy management software for any business organization.

Purchase and sales
A food processing industry operates on the raw materials which are being purchased and then processed and the end product is canned or packaged and sold to the customers. Managing the operation of the purchase operations of the material from the farmers and vendors can be hectic. Moreover, the packing products and utensils are considered raw materials that should be stocked up before the production. The Odoo platform allows the users to manage the purchase orders of the company, with effective management of reordering and the sending out of purchase orders and sales quotations. The platform also allows the users to send out tenders on which the various vendors can bit on for the supply of raw materials.

The sales of the finished products can be carried out by the help of retails stores directly management under the company using the point of sales module available in the odoo platform. These can be set up at the counter which will allow the users to generate the bills and invoices and directly hand out to the customer. The Odoo allows the users to sell out the products to third-party sources which could sell the products at retails prices. Learn more about the benefits of ERP in food manufacturing.

Inventory management
In a consumable product, manufacturing industry inventory management is an aspect that should be keenly monitored and controlled in order to avoid wastage. The Odoo platform allows its user to manage the inventory of the raw materials as well as the finished products the demands and needs the industries are now focusing on preserved, packed, and canned foods which could be used in times of unavailability of a certain type of seasonal products. Moreover, the fast-moving world has developed the tread of a microwave food culture where the canned food is heated in no time and consumed at a faster pace therefore reducing the time used in preparing them.

Employee management
HR management can come as a severe burden for the managers and the human resource department. The Odoo platform allows its users to manage the employee operations directly from the recruitment processes until the payment of employee pensions. The HR management of Odoo can effectively mark the attendance of each employee, manage the time off, and leave requests and based on these control the payroll of each employee. In a bakery, the management of head chefs, sou chefs, and other supporting staff can be effectively managed in the production lane of the bakery, allocation of each employee to the respective work centers, and manage them effectively in the occurrence of a mishap.

Accounting and invoicing
The accounting functionalities of every business should be effectively managed to reduce the losses and mismanagement of funds available. The accounting module of the Odoo platform provides the users with provision to manage all the accounting aspects of a company such as maintaining ledgers, managing charts of accounts, the addition of taxes, fiscal year settings, managing payable and receivable accounts, etc.

The invoicing module in Odoo allows the users to create the invoice based on the respective sales not only for the customer orders but also at the retail store using the point of sales application. The invoices in Odoo can be delivered in hard copy or can be sent to the customer's email address.

Maintaining quality and standards
Considering a food manufacturing company the main aspect of the operation is the process of maintaining quality and standard of the final products. The Odoo platform allows the users to perform quality checks at the production line analyzing various parameters manually or can automate the testing. Moreover, the quality checks can be conducted on the finished products as well and reports of all the quality checks conducted can be generated in Odoo on various desired parameters of standards. In addition, the platform allows the users to perform quality checks on the raw materials which arrive at the facility. As the quality of the food produced really depends upon the quality of the ingredients which are being used. Additionally, as the products in a bakery are degradable in a short span of time the expiry date on the products should be clearly managed. The platform allows the track of the products using the help of lot and serial numbers so that the product quality can be maintained while selling it out to the customer.

Odoo can be an efficient automated management tool for the operations of a food manufacturing plant due to the advancements it can bring upon the operations of the facility. Moreover, with this cost efficiency investment, the productivity and profits of the facility can rise up.

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