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By: Anju A.P

Top 5 Benefits of ERP in Food Manufacturing

Functional Manufacturing

Running a successful business urges smart planning and better forecasting. There are various business processes including human resource, inventory and order management, accounting, customer relationship management (CRM) running simultaneously in an organization making it highly comprehensive and integrated platform. With the implementation of an ERP software, a business organization can easily integrate the various functions happening within the organization into one complete system, streamlining every processes and communication. 

An ERP software serves as a complete, all- in- one platform connecting the different departments of the organization. It brings the entire management departments under one roof, cutting down the additional expenses and eliminating the possibility of resource loss. The key feature of ERP is that it supports multiple functions of different business units.
Industries are of numerous types and their functionalities keep differing according to the characteristics of the business organization. This blog discusses how an ERP functions effectively in the food manufacturing industry. We know, for food processing complying with food safety regulations and avoidance of food spoilage are very important. 

Let us see the top 5 features of ERP in food manufacturing industry.  

1. Lot Tracking

Lot tracking feature plays a pivotal role in food manufacturing industry. Lot tracking allows tracking the items and group of items within your manufacturing industry. For example, it gives you an overview of how much inventory the industry possess, where the inventory locates and what are the characteristics of that particular inventory. Lot tracking features shed a better internal visibility to all those activities.

In short, Lot tracking records all information pertaining to a batch of product. It allows tracking different units of a stock item using the same lot number. Lot tracking also enables to quickly identify the inventory that needs to be tested/monitored. 
2. Conversion Tracking

It is the prime responsibility of the food manufacturing units to always adhere to quality norms, avoiding the food spoilage and retaining food fresh and consumable. Therefore constant check of food manufacturing dates, removing the expiry dated products from stock items are utmost crucial. With an ERP one can easily track the expiry date for specific groups of food items, thereby put a notification system to move these items from inventory stock. 
3. Quality Checks

Food quality later resembles customer satisfaction & their safety. A Food manufacturing ERP software can easily assist in having the quality check of each item and group of items. One can easily set the quality check in prior before an item is moved to the next level. As discussed above the lot tracking feature help in identifying the food batches that need to be recalled, eliminating future complexities on account of the same. 
4. Promotional Offers

Discounts and Offers go hand in hand with the business success and profits. Often, food processors come up with promotional offers targeting their specific clients and keeping their preferences high. This often leads to income generation of the business. A food manufacturing ERP can easily manage these promotional offers via managing the price changes for the specific customer without the affecting overall pricing system. This feature automatically facilitates the business sales and accounting processes.  
5. One Centralized Platform

With a single and centralized platform, the user can easily automate the business processes and save the labour for future purposes. An ERP enables to get an overview of business and its internal happenings, thereby the top business management authorities/ officials can easily monitor and tackle the situation, in real time. 

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