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By: Avinash

Examination Management in Educational ERP


Education Examination Management is a submodule of Educational ERP. One can efficiently manage the exam related processes like exam creation, exam valuation processes, exam results in a better and effective way. In addition, Education Examination management triggers better reports giving deeper visibility.

Now we can check the workflow of the module.

1. Exam Types

* Go to Exam -> Configuration -> Exam Types


- There are four types of exams in Educational ERP.

1. School
2. Class
3. Division
4. Final Exam (Exam that promotes students to the next class)
You can conduct exams in school wise, class wise or division wise. If it is school wise exam, that exam is common to all classes. If it is a class-wise exam, it is common to all divisions under that class. Division wise exam is exclusively for that division. The final exam is conducting as class wise exam but the difference is, this category of exams promotes the students to the next class.

2. Create an exam

Go to Exam -> Exam -> Exam


- Here you can create exams. There you can specify exam type start date and end date. In subject lines, you can specify the subjects in that exam. If it is a school wise exam, you have to specify the academic year additionally for that exam. If it is class wise exam you have to specify the class. And for division wise exam you have to specify class and division. For the type final exam, it is same as a class-wise exam.

- After filling the fields you can confirm the exam.

3. Exam Valuation

* Go to Exam -> Exam -> Exam Valuation


- Here you can select the exam, subject, Evaluator, Date, Max Mark, Pass Mark, Class, Division.

- After selecting all the fields, you can generate the mark sheet. You can put the mark scored by each student.
  Pass or fail computed based on the pass mark you put in the Pass mark field.

- After finishing the valuation you can click the Complete button for completing the valuation process.

4. Exam Result


- Results of every student in all exams appear here.

5. Reports




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