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By: Anju A.P

Top Benefits of Restaurant POS Software

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What is Restaurant POS Software?

A restaurant point-of-sale system includes both software and hardware which is often used alongside the card reader for accepting customer payments. The key advantage of a POS software is that it records every sales transaction happening within the industry and also holds tools required for actions like recording customer orders, inventory management, and running of sales reports, etc. The hardware for a POS station includes a tablet and stand, a cash drawer, and a receipt printer. Many restaurants often connect with kitchen printers to smoothly transact kitchen orders.

Top 6 benefits of Restaurant POS Software

1. Floor/Table Management

A restaurant POS software helps with customizing the floor layout and thereby manage the individual tables. It helps in tracking the orders, ensure they are accurately placed and delivered to the right person. Once a table is filled, a restaurant POS software, place orders by the seat to ensure the guest receives the same menu they ordered. It also holds and fire orders as needed, and when the meal is complete, split checks by guests in seconds to ensure happy customers.

2. Kitchen Communication

Once an order is placed at the POS, the ticket is sent directly to the kitchen via a remote printer, displaying the kitchen staff to see the order received and initiate the course of action without any delay. A restaurant POS software, print different menu items to different kitchen printers to ensure orders are sent to the right station. For example, all drink orders can be sent to the bar while all food orders are sent to the kitchen. In short, the Restaurant POS software ensures that orders reach the kitchen promptly and accurately. 


3. Employee Management

The restaurant POS software helps in managing employee time and attendance. POS ensures high-level security by limiting employee access to sensitive information. For example: Attaining manager approval for discounts and voids ensures with financial security. It also runs efficiently the entire payroll through your point of sale system.


4. Customizable Menu

A Restaurant POS software helps in programming the menu with the utmost ease. The restaurant POS software enables the provision of dividing the menu in term of sections - for example, appetizers, mains, sides, and drinks - to keep everything organized for the staff. It also helps in adding notes for customer's preferences, allergies, or special requests and send them to the kitchen or bar printers.

5. Integrated Inventory Management

The best POS software helps in efficiently managing the inventory. A POS software enables a quick and accurate update on store inventory. A restaurant POS software can automatically track and control the inventory, benefiting the restaurant owners in large via eliminating resource loss. Unlike the manual inventory system, a POS system helps with analyzing the previous sales data, thereby enabling making better decisions on product reordering. It helps in understanding the increased demand for certain products and sufficiently placing them back in the inventory. 

6. Integrated Restaurant POS Accounting Software

POS software ensures that operational and financial data is always in balance. It also eliminates redundant data entry saving time and reducing the number of manual errors. An integration to POS systems manages the reconciliation of cash location-by-location and generate the requisite accounting transactions.

The Best Restaurant POS Software includes the following features:

1. Till Management 

    - Discount tracking

    - Support for gift cards and coupons

    - Cash control

    - Tip tracking 

    - Tracking for payouts and voided transactions

    - Multiple ticket-splitting options

2. Menu & Order Management

    - Support for menu item descriptions

    - Order modifiers

    - Kitchen printer support

    - Printing for pickup and delivery tickets

3. Reporting Tools

    - Remote access to management tools and analytics

    - Variety of reports, including profit and loss reports

    - Integration with or data export to accounting programs

4. Basic Employee Management

    - Configuration for user profiles and permissions

    - Employee schedule management

    - Staff messaging

5. Basic Customer Management

    - Customer order history tracking

    - Customer loyalty program management

    - Automated marketing tools

    - Social media integration

    - The timely offering of discounts to customers

    - Tracks individual sales happening. 

6. Advanced Inventory Tools

    - Food inventory management

    - Accounting for inventory waste

    - Support for liquor control devices

Odoo Restaurant Management System provides a simple and easy to navigate user interface. One can easily facilitate Table and Floor management, Product/Menu management options, fast billing, Online ordering facility, Offline support, Invoice generation, and a lot of other options to effectively manage a restaurant. The software is compatible with any hardware including, a Barcode scanner, Swiping machine, and Cash drawer box.

As you know, Odoo POS can simplify all your POS needs in hassle-free steps. Apart from speedy billing option, it provides features like, discount and Loyalty programs support, multiple payment type support, serve multiple customers at a time and customer-specific management, etc. To know more about Odoo POS refer our blog about Restaurant POS System

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