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By: Anju A.P

Odoo In Food Manufacturing Industry

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Odoo Manufacturing ERP: A boon for Food Industry
In today’s fast-paced world, the role of ERP in every business is crucial. The successful run of any business lies in the implementation of right ERPs. No matter, how big or small the companies are, right from managing the human resource to customer relations, warehouse to sales, purchase to accounting, an ERP has a significant role in assembling and structuring the internal communication without any loss in information.

Unlike other ERP software implementations, manufacturing ERP needs to handle various processes like inventory management, design process, procurement, quality control, order management processes making them a challenging tool. Especially when it comes to a food industry, Manufacturing ERP has a key role to play in managing the food inventory. 

The crucial phenomenon that differentiates the food industry from other manufacturing industry is the perishability of their product. This factor is highly significant for food manufacturers for many reasons. They are highly responsible for ensuring the food quality to comply with food regulations, preventing food from getting spoiled, safeguarding from wasting resources and much more to the list. 

In nutshell, for any food manufacturing company, food quality is the crucial factor as that totalizes their business. But how can food processors keep track of all pertinent information, manage their food inventory without losing resources?

Here comes the role of a manufacturing ERP in the food industry, keeping all processes short and streamlined. Be it dealing with the food distributors, keeping the inventory costs low, forecasting and improving food quality, a manufacturing ERP plays its role well. 

Open ERP /Odoo provides ultimate options to track the inventory details and stock management. Odoo manufacturing ERP Software is embedded with the serial number/lots tracking which can increase the capabilities of food ERP software. Using both serial numbers and lot numbers, Odoo enables the companies in tracking pertinent information to both particular and groups of items.

For example, when the supply of food/ingredients comes in the first stages of production, it can be assigned a lot number. By tracking the particular lot number, a company can easily fetch the expiry dated products. An ERP implementation enables the company to attach the information such as the expiry date to that particular lot number giving the clear picture of the items to be removed. 

In addition, via Odoo manufacturing ERP, food processors are enabled to set up the dates in accordance with the movement of items from one storage type to another. For example, with meat processing food units, initially they store meat in a refrigerator, but as the days go by and attains certain date (expiry), there urges a need to move them into a freezer for longer shelf life. With Odoo manufacturing ERP, one could assign a date where this change in storage needs to take place and automate the process. 

This feature in Odoo makes the whole process more efficient and qualitative. It also ensures that resources including money are not wasted via food spoilage. 

Procurement Analysis/Forecasting is yet another additional feature in Odoo manufacturing ERP that helps in keeping the processes intact. For food manufacturing ERPs, this feature is quite inevitable for many reasons. For example, The demand for certain products changes with seasons, and a manufacturer needs to take care of this demand fluctuation for allocating the necessary resources on time. Secondly, it helps the manufactures with an idea of what resources to stored and moved, how much should be stored and followed etc. giving the sequential figure of inventory stocks. 

With Odoo manufacturing ERPs, one can check food quality comply with regulations. With lot/ serial numbers, it ensures all items checked and thereby get recorded on the company’s system. In case if the company runs into any problem with regard to the above, Odoo enables to pinpoint the cause at the earliest.  
In nutshell, Odoo manufacturing ERP has great potentialities in improving the efficiency and quality of food business process. It regulates:
> Quality checks control throughout the manufacturing process.
> Disseminates supplier information from start to finish.
> Increases production efficiency with limited cost and risks.
> Improves supply chain management process.
> Meet new requirements & new functions to incorporate the business needs.
Easily handle accounting for all type of sales & purchases.
> It manages the inventory control & also gets the accurate operational performance.
> Helps to reduce material waste & raw material shortage.
> Maintain Food quality throughout the entire process.

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