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Odoo for Real Estate Industry


The real estate business is yet to completely take the e-route for easing the business hurdles. In the realty market, open software can ease the work by avoiding the middlemen, speeding up the sale, and ensuring an end to end business.

ODOO Real Estate ERP comes in handy in the real-estate world to offer the best support for the online sale of real estate properties. Different modules are available to match the demand of the realtors.

In this blog, you will find 

1. Details of available projects

2. Details of upcoming projects

3. Details of completed projects

4. Region-wise classification property

5. Separate cluster for land

6. Separate segment for houses

7. Cost-wise classification

8. Comprehensive project listing

9. Data management for the third party

10. Testimony management

11. Live chat for customer interaction

12. Monitoring of finance management

13. Property location map

14. Manage Property type

15. Provide product attribute values

16. Can provide product document

17. Special provision to add home appliances for sale

18. Cart facility

19. Assessment of buying trends

20. Review of market trends

21. Auto approval of sale proposals

22. Sales Promotion

23. Regular update of repository

24. Get ready for competition

Being a business involving huge sums and higher dreams, the customers are highly conscious while choosing their right property. With the help of ODOO Real Estate ERP, the realtors can certainly convince their clients about the value of their property and the quality of service.

Different features to accommodate the details of ongoing, upcoming, and completed projects. Segmentation of property types into vacant lands, houses for sale, and apartments for sale. The inclusion of property available for rent and the possibilities for including the property list provided by third-party dealers are the highlights of our ODOO Real Estate ERP.

Details of available projects

The ODOO Real Estate ERP helps the customers to list out all the projects available for the sale. The quick to understand the way of listing the property along with the photographic support helps the customers to choose the best.


Any customer having access to real-estate management can get a quick glance at the newly entered projects. The project details including the available space, land area, pricing per square feet, number of units, the area, and locality will give the best result to the customers.

Details of upcoming projects

House and property are part of the lifelong dreams of many clients. The prominent display of upcoming projects will help many to ensure proper financial support for becoming part of their dream project.

Better financial planning, better location study, and time for comparison are available when the details of upcoming projects are added.


Details of completed projects

A project which is completed and taken over by the customers gives the best idea about the success of a project. A new customer will be able to review the completed project and then decide on whether to proceed with a deal.

The completed projects can also include the testimony of the existing customers. Customer ratings and reviews can surely have an impact on prospective buyers.


Region-wise classification property

The buying trend always depends on the area and locality. The workplace, present residence, and other aspects of a prospective buyer influences the buying pattern.

Search options with locality specific SEOs are sure to attract more prospective buyers to the web. The e-commerce platform will help the prospective buyers get a glance at all the properties available for sale in a particular area.


Separate cluster for land

The ODOO Real Estate ERP provides a separate cluster for land details. The feature helps the entrepreneur to include the details of all land available for sale.

The details of third party property can also find a place in the cluster as it will offer a set of choices to the prospective buyer. The cluster wise allocation of space for the land will also help the buyer review and compare the price for the different properties.


Separate segment for houses

Houses constitute a major share of business in the real estate market. For real-estate dealers, ODOO Real Estate ERP offers a special segment to display the details of houses.

The segment helps to list out house details, year of construction, available facilities, the total area, and the price. The prospective buyer will also be able to search the house by giving the required facilities.

Cost-wise classification

The financial condition of a buyer is a decisive factor in the real estate business. Taking this into account, we offer a special feature for cost-wise classification of property.

ODOO Real Estate ERP ensures customization of the feature to suit the needs of every client. The categorization will help the prospective buyer search property in accordance with the fund available with them.

Comprehensive project listing

Apart from giving the list of properties, the ERP application enables a comprehensive project listing facility. It helps the real-estate business groups to list all details, including the area, location, land type, price, nearest properties, and other facilities in the area to help the buyers chose the right property for them.


All upcoming and ongoing project, with project specifications, also proves beneficial in getting the attention of the buyer.

Data management for the third party

The business group can manage the property of the third party by charging a fixed commission or fee. The calculation fee for data management can also be calculated with ease with ODOO Real Estate ERP.

Testimony management

Testimony management is a success mantra for all business groups. Any good comment or testimony from an existing customer will be a reason for the new customer to choose your firm for their deal. Management of property and systematized arrangement of testimony by different persons helps to create an imprint in the hearts of the customers.

Testimony management becomes an easy task with ODOO Real Estate ERP as it can arrange all details area wise and project-wise.

Live chat for customer interaction

Anytime customer service is part of the business model of the present. Round the clock chat facility helps customers from across the globe to clarify their doubts and interact with the entrepreneurs.


Live chat prompts many to inquire about a project during an accidental visit to the web site. This in turn prompts them to know more about the project and even help them be a part of the initiative.

Monitoring of finance management

ODOO Real Estate ERP enables the monitoring of finance management. IT helps the management to prepare for a better future with financial planning.

The deals, the charges obtained through registration of customers, premium service helps to ensure better financial planning. The market price of the property and the timely updating of the price chart also become easy with the ODOO Real Estate ERP.

Property location map

ODOO Real Estate ERP offers a feature- property location map, for the entrepreneurs. With this new era feature, any prospective buyer will be able to visit the spot and get a clear idea about the project.

The location map is provided with the help of Google Maps. IT can also help the clients know about the exact location of the project and spot the nearest hospital, educational institution, and other facilities. The property location map also helps the clients to calculate the exact distance from the project site to different locations.

Manage Property type

A special feature of ODOO ERP is the possibility to include product property type. It helps the entrepreneur to add the details of each land and property.

Vacant land, farmland, construction site, house, property for rent, and other details come under this feature. An effective categorization of the property helps the clients to choose the best from the listed properties.

Provide product attribute values

Product attribute values or the additional features of a product can be included with the help of ODOO Real Estate ERP. This special module helps the realtors to list out all the specifications of a property.

The number of rooms, the special features for commercial buildings, the size of rooms, construction method, and other features come under this head. Apart from other features, the product attribute values help the clients to get a clear insight into the property for sale or rent.

Can provide product document

At present not many ERPs provide facilities to provide product documents. Our customized ODOO Real Estate ERP helps you upload product documents including location sketch, property document, photographs, and other official and informal information.


The customer visiting the e-commerce platform will get an opportunity to evaluate all the aspects of the property. The legality of the property and other aspects can be evaluated with the support the documents before having direct discussions with the realtors or the property owners. The best understanding of a property is sure to influence a prospective buyer and the chances for purchase increase.

Special provision to add home appliances for sale

Though a property management application, ODOO Real Estate Management ERP can provide you an option for adding space for the sale and display of other items, especially home appliances and home decors. This added feature is likely to improve the clicks on the web page and ensure constant revenue.

Cart facility

Optimization helps any of our clients to include all the features they want to add to their ERP. Our tailor-made ODOO Real Estate Management ERP helps you get the best result.

Cart facility is a feature that helps a customer add all properties, which they liked or are interested in, to the cart. This will allow them to review their choices without going through the whole application.

The facility enables the customer to review the properties shortlisted again and again before reaching into a conclusion. Being the best, ODOO ERP provides price, location, and other details also while glancing through the cart.

The system enables the use of all features to compare the properties quickly.

Assessment of buying trends

An important highlight of the ODOO ERP Application is the scope for assessing buying trends. Searching trends, buying trends, and other aspects can be identified with a click.

A study of the customer searches and demands helps the realtors to learn about the demand trend. Identifying property hotspots, the areas preferred by the customers for residential buildings and commercial complexes also becomes simple.

The reports can be prepared with a click with ODOO Real-Estate Management ERP.  The report helps the property managers to add more properties from the sought after areas. Detailed assessment report on demand for different types of properties and the sought after price category are made easy with the ODOO Real Estate Management ERP.

Review of market trends

A business can grow only if the entrepreneurs are well aware of market trends. With the ODOO ERP Application, learning of market trend becomes simple.

New trends in property management, new property management features and other aspects can be reviewed by analyzing customer reviews and search contents.

Auto approval of sale proposals

Sale proposals get approved quickly with the ODOO Real Estate management application. The availability of the different features helps to identify the best proposals and sort the proposals. The customer also is able to approve proposals by the realtors.

The process becomes quick with ERP application as manual verification is not required. Everything related to real estate management comes under the optimized ERP.

Sales Promotion

The basic requirement for the success of any modern venture is the accurate method of circulating its benefits among the target audience and convinces them of the facilities available for reference. A well planned promotional activity thus constitutes the lioness part of the sales and business process. Through ODOO, one can expect to explore the zenith of this business part with custom options, services, and features.

An appropriate way of listing out all products with offers sets the mood for launching any promotional event. It can actually sort out things in favor of a prospective buyer and attract him to your turf. To continue with the attention-grabbing process, the companies or entrepreneurs in the sector will have to further come up with offers that can be suitable for multiple requirements.

Product listing based on the price differences and tagging them with the appropriate offers affordable for the company tops the options available at the ODOO solution. Even the creation of such short promos which can facilitate multi-crore sale deals is possible with the handy interface.

Regular update of repository

The daily update of a lot of information available in the industry for steady growth is a big challenge in the realty sector. For a manual process, it is very time consuming and tedious for the entrusted workers or management. What we are supposed to replace in the modern industry with technology is this laborious process with all the ease of a modern way of functioning. Every day, one can easily update the data with them using simple updating techniques. The automated process too can be sourced to a great extent where one needs to feed only the required type of data they come across on a regular basis.


Get ready for competition

The Realty industry is one of the toughest areas for young entrepreneurs with a lot of rival competitors. The survival or success in the industry is actually defined by the innovative handling of the whole business affair in such a way to address the needs of the elite class of buyers. For the prime segments, the e-based options will easily stimulate the purchasing thoughts and spontaneously oil the whole process of business in an extraordinary way. Compared to the manual way of functioning, those who take up such e-based operations will have astounding business growth and prosperity in the field.

To achieve this, only minor training requirements will be needed. Only those who are disinclined to the concept of e-learning in their business field will have to face the challenge from their competitors who are ready to change in accordance with the time.

Though the Asian countries are yet to explore the possibilities in this field, their counterparts in the European countries have grown leaps and bounds in the business. The purchase portals in the realty sector have incorporated everything which can virtually create a realty e-world where purchase too can be made possible through digital transactions. The integration of e-resources with digital purchasing mechanisms will totally revolutionize the sector in the days to come.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.



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