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By: Amal

Odoo Functional Tips


Odoo is an open-source ERP. Odoo can be used both on-premises or on a cloud. Odoo has a highly integrated modular structure so that required modules can be installed whenever needed.

Odoo is used by all types of business from small to large industries. Still many users are unaware of the basic features in many modules they use daily. Here I would like to share some of such features which are not noticed by users.

TotalPayable and Receivable in CustomerForm

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There are two fields Total Payable and Total Receivables in Odoo customer form view. Many users are unaware of these fields as they are available only in developer mode.

Selling a Pack of Products

need to sell a product as a pack of products, many users will go for custom made apps. A solution for this is to create Bill Of Materials (BOM).

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First, we need to create a product (the pack to be sold). Then in its bill of materials, we can define the set of products in the pack. And inside bill of materials, we should define the BOM type as Ship this product as a set of components.

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We can set different prices for different product variant form selecting variant prices in product variant form.

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Some might have encountered problems while creating variant prices using this. This feature works only if you set the variant price in the first variant.

 odoo-functional-tips -cybrosys

In the image given above, we need to select iPad Retina Display with variants color white and memory 16 GB. If set variant price in any other variant of the product, it will not work. This is because in technical side Odoo is creating variants (product.product) by copying a product (product.template).

Connect Payroll with Accounting

To connect payroll with accounting first we need to go to settings in payroll menu and activate payroll with accounting.

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Even if we do this some might have faced problems that the amount of the created journal entry will be zero. This is because we need to set default debit and credit accounts in the salary rule in employee contract.

 odoo-functional-tips -cybrosys

If the fields debit account and credit account is not set then it will not create accurate accounting entries


Journal items is another view available in developer model only. We can view individual journal items from this menu. However, creating a journal item is disabled in this view as Odoo allows to create balanced journal entries.

 odoo-functional-tips -cybrosys

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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