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By: Sree

Odoo Helpdesk: The Best Software System to Manage Customer Queries

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Customer is the king may sound cliché. But the significance of these words and their underlying messages will remain prevalent in the coming decades also. Customer- vendor or customer-service provider relationship does not start or end with the purchase process. It is something that starts from the moment a customer thinks about a product and lasts for a longer period. 

Here comes the support of Odoo Helpdesk. This dedicated module for managing customers and their queries can help the business ensure the best bonding with their ‘kings’. Helpdesk, a platform where the customer can present their queries, issues, apprehensions, etc to get clear and specific answers from the vendor has been taken to the next level with the introduction of Odoo Helpdesk. 

Odoo Helpdesk is a tool developed by the Odoo Team considering the requirement of an easy-to-use platform for customer-business interaction. This platform offers an easy way to organize all customer queries and requests and manage these queries and issues in a timely manner. 

Odoo helpdesk can help you create tickets and manage them. Tickets are generated with the help of different platforms. As the helpdesk team will be in touch with the customers through email communication, website forms, live chat facility, and phone calls, Odoo Helpdesk enables the direct conversion of queries through different platforms into tickets. The channel system in this module helps us to do this. Besides, the Odoo helpdesk also assists you to manage SLA policies and ticket management analysis.

This blog will let us know why we consider Odoo Helpdesk as the best software to manage customer queries. 

Use-friendly application

What makes a tool the best one is its usability. Odoo Helpdesk is a user-friendly application and this helps the user to manage all the tasks with ease. Odoo helpdesk with an efficient User interface enables the users to have a clear overview of all the operations in the dashboard itself.


Using this page we can view all the tickets including the pending tickets and solved tickets. We are equipped to analyze the performance of the helpdesk team and then find out the rating. We can also find the help desk teams also here. All the menus are designed in a user-friendly way.  

Easy configuration support

Configuration of different features and functions may sometimes be a difficult task for us. But Odoo helpdesk makes it simpler. This module gives you the option to configure Helpdesk, ticket types, ticket stages, and SLA policies without difficulty. We can complete the configuration process just by opening the Configuration menu. Then we can choose any of the above-given themes.


While many other ERP solutions require the assistance of technically skilled persons for configuring these features, Odoo open source allows any user to configure all features and functionalities.

Quick ticket generation support

The most important task for a helpdesk team is to create and manage tickets or the queries or issues raised by the customers. We can consider a helpdesk tool effective if the helpdesk team is able to generate tickets and manage the operations without any technical glitches.


Odoo Helpdesk module enables the user to create tickets for all queries raised through different platforms. Besides, it also supports us to create and manage canned responses for expected questions. This can be used by helpdesk team members managing live chat or email communication from the customers. 

SLA policy management

The success of your organization has direct links with the way the requirements of the customer are met. Service Level Agreement Policy clearly defines the terms and conditions regarding the support for customers. It also defines the number of days in which the helpdesk team will respond to a particular query or issue raised by the team. Odoo helpdesk helps the team members to configure SLA policies and assign them to different team members. Besides, Odoo assists us to generate different SLA policies for different teams. With Odoo we can assure that our customers get the required assistance on time and our customer retention rate remains high.

Easy to manage tickets with the Email platform


As all the companies are now depending mostly on internet communication customer queries and issues are raised mostly through email communications. This is why Odoo Helpdesk has introduced an option to enable ticket creation using the email sent by the customer. The ticket will be generated based on the details given in the email in a particular format. Once the ticket is created Odoo assigns the tickets to a team member automatically based on your selection. The team members can manually transfer tickets created from emails to a particular team member.

Webform used for ticket generation


Odoo Helpdesk which is linked to the Odoo website can help the customer to submit tickets by filling the web form. These tickets will later be assigned to help desk members.

The merger of Live Chat with ticket generation

Live Chat is a popularly used communication tool that will help the customer to interact with the helpdesk team members. Odoo Helpdesk gives you a chance to create tickets based on customer queries raised using live chat.


Improved efficiency of the helpdesk team


The success of customer-service provider interaction depends on the efficiency of the helpdesk team. Odoo helpdesk has a feature called performance assessment which helps the investor or manager to review the performance of the customer service teams and team members. 

Manage Ticket generation stages with ease


Once a ticket is generated it will be completed in different stages. First, we will create a new ticket and then start attending to the ticket, sometimes we may need to repair the issue or get the product returned. Then after resolving we have to mark it as solved or done. All these stages can be created and managed with Odoo.

Accurate analysis of ticket management


Generating reports for the tickets will help the teams to perform in a better way. The management will be able to issue directions to the team members on the ways to improve their performance. Odoo Helpdesk has impressive report generation support which makes it one of the best tools to manage customer queries. 

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