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By: Nikhil Krishnan

Odoo Manufacturing Routing

Functional Manufacturing

There are two ways we can produce a product with Odoo manufacturing ERP module. We can create a manufacturing order with simple default stages and complete the production. Or we can customize our work order by setting up work center and routing mechanisms. To use this advanced manufacturing procedure you have to enable the routing and planning in the manufacturing settings.

Manufacturing -> Settings -> Manufacturing Order

Tick the ‘Manage production by work orders” to enable routing.


Normally manufacturing process is not a single step process. Each production process will have its own routes. That means each production will go through many workcenters, in every workcenter, we perform a part of the manufacturing process, and at the end of the route, the product is completed.  Every company will have their own manufacturing route for each product. They can configure it in Odoo and carry out the operations. 

Create a new Routing
Manufacturing -> Master Data -> Routings -> Create

Provide a name for the routing and select the production locations

Click “Add an Item” to add operations to work centers and time frame


Enter the operation name, the sequence of the operation and select a work center.

Here the Duration of an operation can be set in two ways
 - Duration computation: In this method, we can calculate the time duration based on previous work orders.
 - Default Duration: in this method, we can enter the duration manually.


Description and Worksheet Tab
In ‘Description’ tab we can explain the process involved in each Operation. And in Worksheet, we can upload the process flow as an attachment file


Linking ‘Route’ to a Manufacturing order. 
Linking a created route to a product is done in BoM. In Bill of Materials (BoM) we can add the ‘routing’ of a particular product. Since the manufacturing order is based on the BoM, the system will follow the route specified in it during the manufacturing process. See the figure of a routing enabled manufacturing order.


 - Check the availability of raw materials by clicking on the “Check availability” button. 
 - Click ‘Create Workorders’, button to create all the work orders according to the routing. 

The state of the manufacturing order will be changed to ‘planned’ once you have done this.

Click the smart button ‘Work Orders’ to manage each work order separately
It will redirect us to the list or work orders that belong to this MRP order.


In this list first one is in the ready state, other work orders are in pending. we can start all the process concurrently or we can do it by one by one.

Click any work order to execute it. You will get a window like below.
Click ‘Start Working’ button to start the production.


Once you start the process the order state changes from ‘Pending’ to ‘In Progress’. The window will change as follows.


From here we can manage the ongoing process. If needed, we can ‘pause’ or ‘block’ the process. Click the ‘Done’ button after you completed the particular work. 
“We can see that the Time duration of the work order is decreasing automatically when you start the operation. Same way, if you pause or block the process the time will also stop”


We can also track the work order time log from here

Current Production and Time Tracking tabs
We can get the currently produced quantity from ‘Current Production’ tab.
The time tracking tab will give the information like ‘Planned Date’, ‘Effective Date’, ‘Real Time Duration’ and ‘Expected Duration’.


The last one is Miscellaneous Tab, we can get details of a work order, work center, and MRP order from this tab. 

Once you click the “Done” button, then the state of the work order changes to ‘finished’.  You have to repeat the same procedure to all the work orders in the MRP order. The MRP order is completed (or the production is completed) only after you have finished all the individual work orders.

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